[Archive] Selling armylot (CD)


After 2 threads with different topics I figured it’s better to start with a clean slate.

Firstly I’m looking for a buyer that’s interested in buying the entire army, not single models. If I don’t get any buyers I -might- sell them separately, but we’ll see later about that.

The Army itself is going under “roughly” the prices in the going rates thread. I’m going to shoot pictures of all the models tomorrow so I’ll get them up asap.

Since I live in Sweden postage costs apply but they’re really not that high between UK & Sweden.

I do -not- have a paypal account set up but I have a friend that has one, so either I will try to arrange paypal or I WILL SEND FIRST AND RECEIVE PAYMENT AFTER. Note that you do have to be a respected member of chaos dwarfs online for this. But I know deals online are sketchy, and if I don’t get paypal up this would make me look like a fraud. Which I’m not.


1 Sorcerer Hero on foot

2 Hobgoblin Hero’s on wolf

Chaos Dwarfs:

2 Chaos dwarf standard bearers on foot

11 Blunderbusses

2 Bull Centaurs


4 Hobgoblins mounted on wolves

1 Hobgoblin Bolt Thrower

I’m sorry to port something for such a high price, but buying them in Sweden where I’ve had a hard time finding them at reasonable prices I’m just after paying what I got them for. Imagine the horror of paying paying roughly £45 for 4 wolfriders and a bolt thrower. Yep, sucks.

Well that’s it for now. Pictures coming soon.



And here’s the gang! Missed shooting a pic of the 2nd hobgoblin hero, but he’s simple primed black as the first one.

Now, since it’s easy to miss details on the figs, I figured I’d write a little about them. Think I used bad lightning conditions using the flash but I hope the pictures work. And ofc I can shoot new ones if requested.

Chaos dwarf sorcerer

Since the left hand was chopped of I replaced it with a plague monk book and I filed off the protruding little thing on the black where the bannerpole is supposed to fit. As you can see in the bitspic I still have the bannerpole.

Standard bearer number 1.

This one is lightly converted. Since the bannerpole was bent beyound recognition when I got it I simply replaced it with a plastic banner+pole

from the new cold one knights(I think). Adding the original bannertop so it retains the chaos-dwarfy feel.

Standard bearer number 2

Primed Black, yep, that’s about it.

Bull Centaur number 1

Well, it’s in the blister so…

Bull Centaur number 2

Primed black. not much else to say.


As you can see in the pictures the condition of these varies alot.

Most of them are primed black and ready for painting, and some

could simply be painted over. Or if you’re picky, stripped and reprimed.

Mounted Hobgoblins

Awesome condition. All primed black and I’ve started painting one wolf, painting the teeth and lightly brushed some highlights on the fur.

Mounted hobgoblin hero on wolf number 1.

Primed black, complete with wolf.

Mounted hobgoblin hero on wolf number 2.

Primed black. INCOMPLETE. This hero is missing the quiver

and the cloak.

Hobgoblin Bolt Thrower

A fine piece, the warmachine itself is fully painted in great standard(I think so myself, since I painted it hm). And I’ve only started a little on the crew, painting some base colors on em.


Bannerpole for sorcerer and cloak and quiver for one of the hobgoblin heroes

Well, that’s it for now, hope there’s at least one soul out there that’s interested in them.

Best regards


Pyro Stick:

Just thought i would point out that no one is going to want to pay full price for a converted sorceror. So i would half the price of the sorceror since its missing a hand and its bannerpole thing has been filed down, and i would also half the price of the converted standard bearer since its not a standard bearer to begin with, its a death rocket crewman.

If you cant get anyone to buy them here then list a few of the models on ebay like this (imo): the 2 converted models together (i doubt these will sell but who knows), the remaining standard bearer on its own, all the hobgoblin wolfriders in one auction, the bolt thrower in another, the bull centaurs in another (although it might be worth listing them seperately since the market for the BC standard and mint blisters are completely different. You might make more lisitng them seperately) and the 11 blunderbuss in another.

I think one of my heroes/sorcerors is missing a bannerpole but i cant remember if i already bought a replacement or not. If not, how much would you want for the bannerpole?


Wow, really didn’t expect the standard bearer to be another model tbh since I did get a standardpole that fitted perfectly in his hand. Well, shit happens I guess.

The prices are still just to point out how much I value them, the blister might be worth more than I listed it for perhaps?

Not sure, I’m just hoping for one answer, that would be cool for me since I’m trying to gather up a dogs of war army and got zero cash for it.

With that being said, I’m also willing to trade these in for DoW-models.

Got some other stuff too, mainly plastic skavens and mounted daemonettes(latest ed. not sure how much they’re worth nowadays tho).

As for the bannerpole, if noone answers I can prolly send it to ya if you pay me the postagecosts:)


I could do with a few mounted Daemonettes actually. What you got?


5 x Mounted. 2 primed black. One 75% done with well above tabletop standard. 1 with a few strokes on it and one with some base colours on.

I can shoot some pictures on them if you want to. I’ll check around for prices on them.

What are you willing to pay?


Well any paintjob is irellevent to me as they will get repainted.

Going by Bartertown going rates I’d probably pay up to £30 for the unit, depending on condition, maybe slightly more if we are taking trades.


Been working alot, so sorry for the late answer.

The prices on a lot of sites say alot of different prices. Some claiming them to be oop, not sure what I want for them tho.

Forgot to say that one of the is converted to bear a standard.

That means, that the model with only one loose arm has had the hand chopped off and the latest ed demonettebanner(the standard, not the icon) fitted to it. Simple conversion, but look rly neat.


Still noone that’s interested in the entire lot:(