[Archive] Selling my Chaos Dwarfs 90% forgeworld Mostly Painted USA only.� � Paypal


Hello, I am selling my amazing chaos dwarf force, i’m building a new house and these models will not be in my future. I am looking for $800.00 but will also take offers. I will not be splitting it up so don’t ask or suggest.

I will also take trades with a comparable Empire army

Tamurkhan book
I have 60 infernal guard with shields
20 infernal guard with fireglaives
3 Castellans/Prophets
3 Demonsmiths
6 bull centaurs
6 k’daai fireborn
2 magma cannons
1 deathshrieker
1 hellcannon
1 dreadquake (converted from demon techo-cannon)
k’daai destroyer (stonehorn)
Prophet on bale taurus
Prophet on lammasu
80 hobgoblins with spears and shields (night goblins)
20 hobgoblin bowmen (night goblins)
10 hobgoblin wolfriders (goblins)
1 hobgoblin kahn (goblin)
1 hobgoblin kahn on wolf (goblin)

Here is one picture of most of the army,

There are a lot not shown in this picture but everything in this picture is fully painted.

I will add more pictures later of everything in one shot


Its a really cool army, sad that you have to let it go. GL, someone has to pick this up:)


Very nice army but i cant buy it.

If you change your mind to sell selective parts separate give me a PM.


Hey everyone, I was able to trade for a very large amount of empire.

So my time as a chaos dwarf has ended though I will obviously still contribute to this awesome community.