[Archive] Selling off entire collection of Perry CD Sculpts


Yeah, just getting out of Warhammer Fantasy in general, no time, kid on the way, blah blah blah.  

My collection is all Alan Perry Sculpts from 1993+ also known as “The Era of the Big Hat” or TEOTBH for short.  :D

I decided that I’d try to sell them off as sets of the miniatures as much as possible.  So the first six auctions are all Hobgoblin Archers 1-8, for instance:


I also have about two complete sets + of Bull Centaurs, and 30-40 mint in blister BC and Wolf Riders, plus a few plastics, hobgoblin Bolt Throwers, deathrockets, etc.  They’ll all get onto eBay over the next several days.  My ID there is Double-a-68, and all told there’ll probably be about 30-50 auction sets.

All told, there are at least 250 Hobgoblins, many mint metal, and 150 CDs including many mint warriors along with many that are badly painted (of course, I had to take what I could get at times).

Happy Bidding!


Pyro Stick:

Ill definately be watching these auctions. I could do with a few more Hobgoblins to complete my collection.


At least they aernt rediculously overpriced like much of the CD stuff on ebay.


Aman- any chance of offering up some of the models here?


Aman- any chance of offering up some of the models here?

I'd sell all of it here, except that with them being OOP, I've no idea what they're worth. When they still made them in the collector's line, At least you had a base from which to start.

At the moment, they're $10 for 8 mint figs, the entire series, which makes them cheaper than In Print lead from GW - a Steal! :o


I’m definitely going to be putting in a few bids, but unfortunately I will have to use Paypal. Hope its not too much trouble for you.