[Archive] selling some orcs and empire


hi, im trying to get rid of some of my orcs and stuff to get some chaos dwarf models. If you like anything pm me and we can work out a deal. I would prefer trade if you have some old chaos dwarf models of forgeworld models but i can also take cash or money orders but not paypal sadly. Hope to make a deal.:cheers

first we have 19 orcs with spears, full command and 1 is painted

14 oop orcs with bows, badly painted

snotlings enough to make 3 things. I do not have the bases but i can make them if you want out of wood

6 fanatics

40 BFSP night goblins with spears, 20 of them are painted both have full command

20 BFSP nightgoblins with bows, 3 are painted, full command

8 orcs with handweapon and shield 1 with 2 handweapons, 2 are paint okly, 1 (2handweaponguy) is painted like crap

1 orc warboss on boar, 1 orc warboss of foot, 3 night goblin shamans( one is from BFSP) 2 night goblin big bosses(one is from BFSP)

10 flagellants full command

5 marauder horsemen no command

16 state troops no command(2 has their spears broken

So if you liked anything or have a question pm me. Thank you


no one wants my stuff?

Von Gadsden:

Your pictures are terrible.
Just letting you know heh heh.