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Evening ladies and gentleman.

Rummaging through my basement a few days ago I happened upon my old Warhammer collection including a fair few Chaos Dwarfs (half of which are unopened blisters whilst the other half  are averagely painted or spray undercoated).

Anyway, I’ve plonked a few of them on eBay and thought I’d tell you guys. I’m not sure if the prices I’ve used are extortionate/fair/underprices so any opinions on that would be much welcomed.

What’s on there so far represents about 1/3 of the unopened packs. Others left to list later include:

5 x Bull Centaur Standard Bearer

3 x Chaos Dwarf Axemen

1 x Chaos Dwarf Command Group

1 x Chaos Dwarf Hero

1 x Chaos Dwarf Champion

2 x Hobgoblin Warriors

Fully or partially painted I have:



Death Rocket

Bull Centaur and Lord

Lammasu’s Sorceror

12 or so metal Axemen (maybe also with Command and Champ)

A handful of metal Hobgoblin Archers and Command Group

And a few bits and bobs of old Marauder-ish Hobgoblin stuff I can’t identify (including a war machine with half of it missing

Thought I’d see what you all thought (and how the first few lots fared) before listing the rest.

eBay link: Items for sale by ciarandavies | eBay




I’m certainly interested in the Lammasu’s Sorceror, Bull Centaur and Lord and axemen

Time of Madness:

To be frank I think the best way to post stuff on ebay is with a minimum bid of $0.01 with no reserve.

If you want to sell the stuff why list it at a buy it now price? Especially if the stuff has no personal value to yourself and was just cluttering up your basement.

Alternatively you could list it here or on bartertown and see if someone takes the whole lot. That would save you having to ship tons of small packets all over the places.

Time of Madness


Because I’m a starving student and want to get the best possible price (without ripping people off) in order to pay off some of my debt, T.o.M.

Also, what with these lots being the first time I’ve ever sold anything on eBay, I wasn’t really sure about the best way of doing things. I wasn’t sure whether sticking them on at 1p would see me losing out on much-needed dough if they failed to attract any attention.

Suggestions taken on board.

Time of Madness:

Well then fair enough.

You won’t lose much cash sticking them up at 1p. If anything they will sometimes go higher then you anticipate.

To be fair the only thing you really have overpriced by a lot is the bolt thrower. They usually go for around £10.

The bull centaur and the hero are priced correctly, although keep in mind the bull centaur standard is the easiest bull centuar to get a hold of. You may want to consider dropping the price on him a bit.

Hope this helps.

Time of Madness