[Archive] Semi Competitive 2500pt List


Hey all,

I have been looking into putting together a semi-competitive Chaos Dwarf list, using the Legion of Azgorh list, from the Tamurkhan book.

Before sinking the best part of £600 into the army from Forge World, I wanted to get a solid list in place, so I don’t just buy stuff for the sake of it. I put a lot of effort into finding the data files for the chaos Stunties for the Battlescribe app, and have found a list I think I am quite happy with, but wanted to get some feedback from you guys :slight_smile:

Legion of Azgorh (Standard) Selections:

+ Lords + (590pts)

    * Sorceror Prophet (590pts)

       Bale Taurus, Blood of Hashut, Level 4, Lore of Hashut, Talisman of Preservation

+ Heroes + (365pts)

    * Daemonsmith Sorcerer (175pts)

        Dispell Scroll, Ironcurse Icon, Talisman of Protection, Level 2, Lore of Metal

    * Infernal Castellan (190pts)

        Fireglave, Mask of the Furnace, Shield

+ Core + (664pts)

    * Chaos Dwarf Infernal Guard (372pts)

        Deathmask, Musician, Standard Bearer, Fireglaves

    * 15x Chaos Dwarf Infernal Guard (292pts)

        Deathmask, Musician, Hailshot Blunderbusses

+ Special + (555pts)

    * Deathshrieker Rocket (100pts)


    * 3x K’daai Fireborn (165pts)


    * Magma Cannon (145pts)


    * Magma Cannon (145pts)


+ Rare + (325pts)

    * K’daai Destroyer (325pts)

Total; 2,499pts

I’ve gotta say, I’m really not 100% sure on a couple of items on this list. Firstly, I don’t know whether I should drop the Deathshrieker rocket, and bump up the K’daai unit.

I’m also unsure on the unit size of my two core units. By virtue of the models cost - both points and financially - I was limited to how many models I could field in Core, but I was toying with the idea of sticking the two units together?

Lastly, whilst I like the idea of a combat-orientated Hero, in the form of the Infernal Castellan, I was wondering whether I should swap him out for a kitted out Level 2 wizard? I have 6 magic levels already, would another 2 be overkill?

Any C&C’s would be greatly appreciated! :slight_smile:


Grimbold Blackhammer:

Unfortunately you won’t get very far with only three K’daii Fireborn so you may want to add more models to that unit. And if your level 2 is going to hide in the background with the war machines, he doesn’t need anything more than a dispel scroll. I generally only lose mine 10% of the time and that’s dropped to 0% of the time since the FAQ that enemy units cannot over-run on a war machine. In such a taget rich environment, he’s pretty safe.

I’m still very much undecided about Blunderbusses and Fireglaives so let me know how that works out for you!


Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated!

So, if I drop the other two items on the Daemonsmith, he should be okay sporting just the scroll?

I take your point on the Fireborn. How would you suggest I fit more models into the unit, points-wise?

Lastly, what is considered the conventional load out for Infernal Guard? I thought the Fireglaives seemed the best weapons for all round cover…


Grimbold Blackhammer:

I think I’d actually turn a magma cannon into three K’daii but that’s not the only option. And yes, you can ditch all the gear except for the scroll on the level 2. Maybe use those points to buy the Earthing Rod for your Level 4?

Ask ten different players and they’ll give you ten different answers when it comes to core. I haven’t played enough games with all the options to commit to one side being the most competitive or best bang for the buck yet. I will say I like all the options but I need to do more play-testing. I got distracted by the new Warriors of Chaos…

Ash Scent:

The Charmed Shield on your Prophet will be useful against war machines and/or miscast hit, and increases his armour save.

Daemonsmith, just with his Scroll (or with the Enchanted Shield).

Why a shield on your castellan if he already has a fireglaive? He couldn’t use it.

Not a Fireglaives fan (they disappointed me at my last tournament, but should I test them again?), great weapons are better IMO.

Blunderbusses are great, but only 15, they’ll do nothing (don’t reroll failed wounds, too bad …).

30 with musician, standard, and Banner of Swiftness ( :slight_smile: ). Expensive, but really effective.

I agree that only 3 Fireborn wont go far… If they’re 6 or 8 (or 18 :o), they’ll work longer.

Hope I helped you. :hat off