[Archive] Semi-new and Dagorhir group


Hello all!

I’m Aris, Runecaster here, and I’m a semi-new member. I say semi-new because I joined this site a year or so ago and couldn’t find the site or my SN again… so… new name!

I’ve been wanting to start a CD army for some time, but since everyone in my area is all into 40k… I’m finishing up a Space Wolves army. I DO have an Ogre Kingdoms army right now, and I think an army of Hashut would be sweet for either allies or an alternative force.

For those of you that play Dagorhir, (if any of you do) I run a group of Chaos Dwarf players out of unit of Urk Kuldar (which is mainly “destruction” allied Warhammer players… Orks, some Chaos). So I’m always looking for more CD info to incorporate into the game.

Well great to be back and looking foreward to getting back in the swing of things!


hi and welcome, i rejoined not long ago also, but i think youll find ppl here a friendly bunch and helpfull,

please grab your curly beard and hat / helm/ mask and join those loyal to hashut