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This is a thread for my Lizardman army, “Sotek’s Defiance”, and related lizardmen projects.

I’ve been a Lizardman fan almost as long as I have known about Warhammer. One of the first gaming magazines I got was the First Citadel Compendium and inside it was a Warhammer scenario called “The Legend of Kremlo the Slann” - Vikings and Aztec frogs, what’s not to love?  Obviously, things have changed a LOT since then. Slann and Lizardmen were two different armies in WHFB 1 and they’ve grown together, and so has the fluff. Overall, I still find it fascinating.

So, my army. Well, when I started it about 3 years ago, I had been painting a lot of very dark armies - dull grey, dull reds, black, etc, so with this army I decided to go all out on colour. There’s no overall theme to it and pretty much every unit has its own style and feel. After 3 years of working on it, I still don’t have very much, but what I do have, I like a lot.

Saurus Units

The blue unit was the first one I did and has grown a bit since this photo was taken. The colour scheme was worked out before the 6th Edition Lizardman army book was released - my local GW store (Burlington, Ontario) - ran a competition to paint one of the lizardman models, which was given for free.

The orange/red unit was done more recently when I was tired of painting blue. I stumbled upon a combination of vomit brown and red gore colours placed next to a highly contrasting hawk turquoise scheme. Hawk Turquoise is fast becoming my fave GW colour - it seems to be creeping into every project I do.


This is the most natural coloured model in my army. When I started the army, I swore I wouldn’t use natural colours, but with the Krox, it seemed that I would have to - no other colour scheme I could think of fit the Krox.  I did some experiments with verdigrised metal on the shield that is sunken into the ground, although you can’t tell its there in these photos. As a nod to the history of the lizardmen army, the shield is actually from the old plastic saurus kits.

The Salamander is modded - head repositioned and the body bent into a curve to give it some motion.  Fluffwise, I figured the Salamander and the Skink’s tending to it might be from the same spawning/spawning pools so they would form an intimate bond between them, so painted them in identical colours. Once again, complimentary colours (purple and orange) are used for maximum contrast.

Both of these models have nods to real world Aztecs/Mayans with the turquoise plated skulls. I had seen a documentary which showed a human skull inlaid with turquoise shards and jade eyes, so I had to slap them onto a model.


The Skink Priest Nuqalotl is a standard skink priest without any mods at all, he was cool enough already. I’m not sure why I painted his tabard like a tea towel. The base was carved from insulation foam.

The Saurus veteran champ was a large mod, but no one ever notices. Since there is no Saurus model with a Great Weapon, I modded my own, using a Kroxigor weapon and hands. There was a lot of engineering involved in positioning the hands with the Saurus Temple Guard body resulting in the weapon being split into about 5 parts. As with most of my projects, my enthusiasm for it runs out toward the end, so I tend to rush some things just to get it done (or not at all) - the base suffered on this one.

Slann Mage Priest

This is the model that got me really excited about the 6th Ed Lizardman army - the last remnants of the Slann that captured my imagination as a kid. It took me about 2 years to get around to even painting it because I couldn’t decide what colour to a paint it. Eventually, I ripped off someone else’s colour scheme for the mage priest itself, but used my own scheme for the throne.   Most Slann are painted with a dark body colour and a light belly colour and this colour scheme is almost shocking by comparison. When I saw it, I thought it was a perfect fit for my army.

For those who haven’t painted this model, or seen it up close, there is TONS of detail on the model. I think the sculptor must have driven him/herself insane sculpting it - there are numerous frogs, lizards, snakes, skulls and other details hidden on the throne and it took me ages to paint. I did the Slann itself in a matter of 3-4 hours, but the throne took me a lot longer. I kept getting so bored of painting the throne that I took repeated month long breaks in between. Finally, I got it done and swore I’d never paint another damn throne - at least not one with the same attention to detail.

I spent a lot of time on the base, but the effort doesn’t really show. After seeing the “Stegadon on Parade” GD winner, I wanted to do a terracotta path. However, the method that the GD winner used involved “lizardman glyph plates” which you used to be able to order from GW mail order. When I built the base, they weren’t available, so I ended up sculpting and building my own - from scratch and by carving up Lizardman standards for parts. I made molds from these and cast resin pieces for the base, but looking at the photos they look pretty boring and unfinished. Shortly after I finished the model, GW began reselling the “glyph plates” as part of their “Collectors series.”


Nice painting there. I’d say the red and orange unit looks better than the blue, mainly because the sheer number of blue Lizardmen armies as a whole tend to make the scheme monotonous. The orange and red is a refreshing departure from the norm, and the green shields look far more natural to me.

Kera foehunter:

Great job!!!that is a very cool colors G. love the army!!!


Love it. Exact opposite to how I paint (dark, natural (ie. brown, green, blue) colours) Especially love the detail on the Slann paliquin. Hats off to you:hat off


WOOOH Lizzies!

How long has it taken for you to get these on here GRNDL!?

Ahh, know i know im not alone on the internet as a lizzie fan…wipes away grateful tear

Some fantastic painting here mate,i LOVE the blue saurus, the paintscheme looks so realistic, i may ahem haveto steal the idea eventually :stuck_out_tongue: But we would like to see some more coversions!

- Warplock

Pyro Stick:

Some of the nicest lizardmen ive seen. Great work.

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Fantastic. Very nice paintjob on the Slann priest. Will the red saurus unit get some moss on their bases as well?


Thanks for the comments guys. If time allows I will try to keep this updated and perhaps post some of my other armies.


I agree. The blue colour scheme isn’t quite standard, though, as there is a lot more white and some dashes of purple on it as well, but I agree. When you’ve seen one blue lizardman army, they tend to all look the same, unfortunately. There’s 2 years time seperating that saurus unit from the orange-red-blue one, and i really like the newer scheme. Its also easier for me to paint and reminds me of Jurassic Park a lot more. :slight_smile: Its a shame I didn’t come up with it 2 years ago. /sigh


A lot of the photographs have been around for a long time, but I didn’t feel good about posting non-CD stuff on here. Recently there has been an influx of non-CD showcases, so I thought I’d join the club.

As for conversions, well, the army itself only has a few minor ones here and there, but I do have some to post: some non-standard jungle swarms (army ants) and a sculpted from scratch Cthulhu Slann mage priest, inspired by Kyte’s. I just have to get some decent pictures of them. I will post some of the mage priest later today.


The orange-red-blue Saurus unit is still a work in progress. That rank is finished but not varnished nor based properly. I’m working on the front rank with some bells and whistles on for the command group, but as with all my projects, I’m taking my sweet time on it, even though the conversions only took a few hours to do. At the rate I’ve been going on them, I will have 1000 pts done by the time the new army book comes out, and will have to redo them. LoL, how pathetic is that?

re: bases

Yep, moss, for sure. The Front rank will have more terracotta tiles and vines on them as well, since they will be more noticeable than middle and back ranks.

Godbob and his jolly rogers:

Well done

I do like the vivid paint scheam

and my I ask what has that Slann been eating?


I guess I should stop feeding thst Slaan those grilled cheese, but do you really think it shows?

Anyway, I too love Lizardmen, and these models are great! Top notch work! :slight_smile:

centauro enano:

Good job, I like the colors that he used :hat off


I love the colours. I think the red/blue saurus are one of the nicest colour schemes I’ve seen for lizzies yet. I’m in the middle of painting up my lizards (to sell, not to play) but I won’t steal it…as much as i’m tempted lol

oh, and the verdigris on the shield on the kroxigor’s base is excellent! How’d you achieve that?



Tharzhul Firehelm:

Love the paint job on the slann, it looks really good


Ok, update time.

I don’t know when Kyte posted his Cthulhu fish-men skink priests, but when he did, he inspired me to work on something fishy myself. As observant users might have noticed I’m an HP Lovecraft/Cthulhu fan from my message signature.  It was only a matter of time before I followed suit.

But as with all my projects, I took my sweet time. I think I started it before Golden Hat #5 and did a bit here, a bit there and even now, its not finished. So, here we go:

The idea was to honour the name/concept of Cthulhu by building a Slann mage Priest that mixed bits of  frog and octopus.

I started with an Aves ApoxieSculpt armature which resembled two spherical blobs joined together - the body and head. On top of this I used Warplock’s 50/50 GS/BS mix to lay down larger, more defined shapes. I used this because I could get an organic shape, but still be able to sand it and file it down when it was cured.  I used this mix for the bone ridge lines around the head as well.  

From the blobby body, I pinned in wire armatures for the legs and built upon them in place on the body, rather than seperately. I did this only because I felt I could get a better feel for how the legs would go alongside the fat body. The arms and outreaching tentacles were all done with GS on their own separate armatures, so I could get at them from all directions.  The hands and feet were made quite simply by putting a blob of GS down and sticking short pieces of straight wire into it, then flattening the GS over the wire.  Then, when the GS was cured, putting another blob on the end of the wire bits. Kinda like this:



O -o



Any kind of sinew, muscles and the webbing were then sculpted on top of this.

The tentacles were a bit of an experiment and I had to do them about three times before ending up with something I liked.  The idea was that the mage priest was using the main tentacles to cast a spell along with its regular arms. I used a straight armature and molded GS onto them forming sausages and smoothed them down with rubbing alcohol. They have a flat edge running along the bottom, where the suction cups would go. The suction cups themselves were easy to do - slap a blob of GS on the tentacle and smush the center with a “papercraft” ball tool. When the GS on the tentacles was cured I could bend the wire within the tentacle and it would hold its shape. Repeated bending of the tentacle would cause the GS to stretch or break in places, so once I had the tentacle in the right pose, I touched it up with GS if a break occurred.   I found this “re-bending” technique a lot easier than sculpting on a pre-bent wire and allowed me to re-pose the tentacle without too much hassle.

By the time I came to doing the fine details, there were tentacles and stuff all over the place. I had to do the rope necklace around the folds of flesh. If I had thought about what I wanted to do earlier on (like, right at the beginning), I would have put the ropes on before working on the head. Unfortunately, the rope doesn’t sit quite well with the flabby frog flesh.

Since I completed the sculpting of this thing, I developed a weird phobia - I just didn’t want to paint it. Or rather, I did, but couldn’t bring myself to paint over the GS/BS model. I still plan to paint it and do a palanquin for it, but everytime I sit down to do it, this phobia kicks in.

I’m not sure when I’ll get back to it, but hopefully it won’t be too long.


Damn you! Now I’ll have to redo my slann because yours is so awsome!


- Kyte



I DO like that GRNDL…nice job!

And you used white spirit to smooth it down? By Hashut you learn something new every day, ill haveto try that one out sometime :wink:

And the phobia affects all of us sculptors my friend,trust me i know the feeling far too well, but most times the paintjob emphasises the sculpt better! And if you are actuallyusing it for an army,that gives you even more reason to paint it!

Now get that bad boy painted!:cheers

And this has inspired me to have another crack at a slann…though im struggling for ideas…theres not that many variations of a big fat frog you can DO!

- Warplock


Great looking Slann! And I must say that I like the “old school look” on your bases alot… :slight_smile:

Kera foehunter:

wow that so cool grndl great green /brown stuff it soooooo smooth!!

great deal tails too

thanks so much for the lession!!!

Godbob and his jolly rogers:

That Slann is awsome

Are you making any more fishmen?