[Archive] Servius's Army Blog - 10-29-2008 - DRASTIC UPDATE!


Update: 10-18-2008:

I just got finished with my test model. Its a blunderbuss musician. I really like how the blue it turning out. when i get the base (the usual Lava/chared earth) completed I really think it will turn out good and set the model.

the picture is Number 5 below. the colors got a little washed out… but it gets the point across… I started the model with a base of Necron Abyss (Armour & Cloth) and Astronomican Gray (Hair & Skin), I then applied 1 medium coat of Badab Black to the mail and beards. After that dried I applied 3 light/medium coats of Ogryn Flesh to all the skin areas. Then Mordian Blue to all the cloth areas. finally I painted all the Metal & Mail with Dwarf Bronze. The drumhead and mallot head are basically a light brown with a lighter brown blended from the middle out…  It didn’t really show to well in the pictures.

P.S. Ill make sure to get pictures of all the machines. and each unit as soon as I can.

Start: 10-17-2008

As of last week after looking through all my Warhammer stuff I rediscovered my Chaos Dwarf army that I had started but never ended up finishing or putting much work into it.

Well I decided to restart the army with a fresh idea. Originally I was intending to model all the curled beards and hats on the models… I believe with was the downfall as the army would need massive conversions. I decided to go more with the look presented in Kris Aubins army.

Well of whats picture are below:

1 CD Lord. Based on the Limited XX Bugman Mini. added some horns from a CSM helmet and a Chaos warrior weapon.

1 CD Hero BSB. the BFSP thane (looking for a better model) with a Black Orc Banner and various Chaos Vehicle Bits

2 CD Sorcerers. One is a BFSP Warmachine crew the other an organ gun crewman with some bits from the CSM sorcerer.

Unit of 23 CD Warriors. Great Weapons. All the weapon are from Chaos Warriors or Marauders. All the models are the dwarf warriors with the cloaks.  Banner is from Beastman Gors.

Unit of 23 CD Warriors. HW/S, pretty much stock… filed icons off shields… and Beastman banner.

3 units of blunderbuss. the common conversion.

1 Death Rocket. Made from the Dwarf Organgun, Plasticard, and the Empire rocket battery.

1 Earthshaker. Hybrid idea from xanders seige cannon… but i used a 40k barrel and greenstuff. also used hellblaster bits for the steam engine. spiky bits from Chaos vehicles. cannon breach is marauder shield with helblaster handle.

my idea is that the cannon would be far too heavy for the crew to move so a steam engine was added to drive the stockard around like a 2 wheeled wagon. also controls the declination adjustment of the cannon.

Finally are my Bull Centaurs… Converted from Empire Barded steeds and BFSP miners… they are the centerpiece of the army. the champion is the BFSP thane. I also widened the body of the horse to make a more bull like profile. weapons are old chaos warrior weapons. They still need alot of work though so stay tuned.

[align=center]2017 Image Salvage


Viskar Zhragoth:

Looking good Servius, can’t wait to see more painted! Do you happen to have close ups of the earthshaker, looks very cool, but hard to see the details…close ups would be appreciated.

WAiting for more…


I agree, but I’ll also like too see some close up - but of all of them :slight_smile:

Keep up the good work my friend cheers :cheers

Kera foehunter:

great army love the colors on the earth shaker cannon


Update: 10-29-2008:

Ok, so I got home a few days ago and looked at my army… after about 10 minutes of thinking about painting, I ran into one problem. as I was looking i thought… you know what these are just dwarfs… there is nothing making them chaos… so after looking around the boards and my bits. i made this…

And also this…

what do you all think?

Warlord Ghazak Gazhkull:


great looking models, I really like the second model. That one is my favourite. Now get those ladz painted.



Ghrask Dragh:

Nice work on the hats and banners, very chaos! :cheers


Pure win and awesome.

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Love the “Bigness” of your dudes!

Kera foehunter:

i like them you did a great job on them


Now were cooking with gas!


Love the double back banner on the lord :hat off