[Archive] Sewer Elfs - gross and yucky

Father Grumpmas:

The Sewer Elfs   - 1200 points that need to be done by Feb 2009. Started off as joke as to whether I could do something dumber than the Black Sheep

I have decided that these guys will use the Wood Elf list but that the models will be based on grubby little goblin elves who live down the sewer and throw poo around a lot. I have started assembling models and hope to get a lot of the conversion done before Christmas and then finish painting in January. This is where I am at as far ideas go:

�?� Basing for units: cobble stone finish and/or pools of stagnant green water

�?� Hero on Giant Stag: Crazed goblin on giant frog

�?� Spellsinger: Crazed goblin standing on a barrel and waving a mop

�?� Glade Riders: Goblins on giant racing snails

�?� Dryads: Toilets with creepy things coming out of the bowl

�?� Wardancers: Goblins armed with buckets of poo and mops

�?� Treekin: These guys will consist of the old 80�?Ts Chaos Toilet model �?oescorted�?� into battle by two goblin sewer gator handlers

�?� Treeman: Big gribbly sewer monster

�?� Additional wood: Tasteful water feature surrounded by trees

Some early pictures - not too exciting yet.

Very WIP snails - the bases have been covered with cobblestone plasticard and the shells are from a bag bought at a discount store

WIP Wardancer on the left (bucket and mop included) and Glade Rider on the right (the lower part of the face has been removed and a greenstuff ‘veil’ added

Chaos Toilet with half assembled sewer gator to the right

Reaper miniatures giant frog - the basis for the giant stag conversion

WIP gator handler with lantern to the left and mop-wielding spellsinger (with barrel) to the right

WIP Heresy miniatures Tunnel Dweller - will be my Treeman


…wow, as a woodelf player, i am offended. as a teen with the maturity of a 4 yearold, DUDE SEWER ELFS, COOL

Father Grumpmas:

as a teen with the maturity of a 4 yearold, DUDE SEWER ELFS, COOL

"sniff" Somebody gets me . . . . . .

I'll be making greenstuff poo's tonight :rolleyes:


This is an awesome idea - even if its not for a Wood Elf list, it would be good for modelling forest goblins and the like! I really like the spellsinger with the antlers. What can I say, they look good on gobbos!!

Kera foehunter:

well i would of used poo sligging monkeys

made from orcs mabe as warriors???

well you could also put toilet paper off your tree person ( the prank kids do in the U. S . so im told he he )

Godbob and his jolly rogers:

Um a goblin elf army that live in sewer? Well I would of never dreamed of it

But it looks good already i’d like to see how this progresses


what a shitty idea, your army will look like crap



well so far teh cool stuff looks nice, but where are the elfs?


In a lot of folklore goblins are a form of elves. All a part of the faeries, etc. You know, the real folklore before Tolkien made elves a bit more “respectable.”


aha, now that’s something I didn’t know… so, the goblins/gremlins/fairies/elves are all differing forms of the same “sprite” genre?

Hashut’s Blessing:

For making greenstuff faeces, go to Evil Clown. He’s made several. Sculpted and MADE.

Kera foehunter:

well here is one more a goblin/elf on a surfboard suffing in the sewers with a tolet plunger as a weapon

Hashut’s Blessing:

You;ve not put in a link/pic, Kera :stuck_out_tongue:

Father Grumpmas:

In a lot of folklore goblins are a form of elves. All a part of the faeries, etc. You know, the real folklore before Tolkien made elves a bit more "respectable."

You have it in one GRNL - I'm going for the olde definition of a elf.

The wardancers will probably end up painted as Redcaps - they dip their caps in blood. Somebody suggested Browncaps but you don't want to know what they dip their caps in :o

Viskar Zhragoth:

Wow…Cool progress on a dirty idea. Actually like several of the conversions so far…please keep it up and show us some painted when you can. I love good theme armies, and this one wil be lots of theme! Now I can just imagine all of the poo puns you could capitalize on!

Also: remember Tolkeins Elves were more respectable, but Orcs came ffrom Elves, and I believe he crossed Orcs and men to make Uruk-Hai…

Hope you get a lot done for Xmas break…Hope to see some stuff painted by Jan.!

EDIT: Oh yeah, love any army that can include a chaos toilet! I still have a few of those myself…


Chaos toilet? CHAOS toilet? C-H-A-O-S… oh well I tought I’ve seen everything in my life but… :o

I wanna a Chaos toilet in my house! Right now… with demon paper and possessed shower! :hashut

Is it scratch sculpted? If so, great job!

Now we all wanna see more. :slight_smile:

Father Grumpmas:

Got the bases pretty much finished (apart from water effects) last night.

The fountain is still WIP and will be part of the extra forest WE get

Hashut’s Blessing:

Have you seen a man eat his own head? I thought not.

Come round and I’ll show you :wink:

EXCELLENT bases thus far :stuck_out_tongue:

Father Grumpmas:

I’m already considering expanding the army to 2000 -2250 pts. I’m so used to painting armies with hordes of troops (zombies, gnoblars, hobgoblins) that it is nice to produce an army where the points are gobbled up so quickly.

Some new ideas

Warhawks - goblins on bats - cheaper than the current oversized warhawks and probably will look better

Gladeguard - goblin archers, nice and simple

Eternal Guard - some of the old 5th edition netters, clubbers, herders - anything with interesting equipment

Wild Riders - goblins on RACING snails - could be built in a similar fashion to the glade guard but painted in a different colour scheme. Maybe use the back banners from the flagellants box to make them distinctive.

Giant Eagle - a big smelly sewer bat - bound to be a cheap plastic toy that can be pressed into service.

Waywatchers - use the old multi-part night goblins - add as much extra equipment as possible (packs, lanterns, shovels, frogs) and pose them as knee deep in water

More Dryads - have a dozen or so metal slugs produced by Heresy miniatures- also have some Ral Partha mushroom men


You have an epicly awesome idea Father Grumpas.