[Archive] Shadows & Poison


This one is fairly straight forward and basically exclusively Hobgoblin stuff. This is the evil, backstabbers known as the Sneaky Gitz and a new Champion and Hero-level character that follow the same basic premiss. Later tonight, assuming time allows, I’ll pull the Chaos Dwarf’s elite infantry people into their own thread.

Thief Prince (Hero) 105pts

|�������������� M����WS�� BS�� S����T����W����I����A����Ld
Thief Prince����5����6����5����4����4����2����7����3����7
Equipment: Hand Weapon, Throwing Daggers

Special Rules: Poisoned Weapons, Sneaky Tricks

Upgrades: May be given an additional hand weapon (+4 pts) and light armor (+3 pts)

Sneaky Tricks: The Thief Prince has the following abilities

. Steal: If the unit that the Thief Prince is in ever wipes out a unit containing a character in close combat, then the Thief Prince may take one of that character’s magical items and attach it to himself. He may only carry one stolen magic item at a time. If he already has a stolen magic item he may drop it in exchange for the new one.

. Infiltrate: The Thief Prince and one unit of Sneaky Gits he is attached to may deploy as Scouts.

Sneaky Gits

Ponts/model: 8

Unit Size: 5+
|������������M����WS�� BS�� S����T����W����I����A����Ld
Guild Master 4����3����3����3����3����1����3����2����6
Equipment: 2 Hand Weapons

Special Rules: Skirmish, Poisoned Weapons, Distraction (Remove a unit’s rank bonus when flanking like a normal unit, still don’t gain a rank bonus themself)

Upgrades: May be giving throwing daggers for +1pt/model

Lord Zarkov:

I likie, espeially the Gits

The thief prince’s steal seems a littel OTT though


Yes, I am well aware that I have to change it, I tried to depower it by making it quite a bit more random, but being able to swing the balance quite a bit before the battle even begins is a bit much. It makes fluff sense in a lot of cases, but the balance is too tricky to do.

However, I do want to keep the granting scouting ability and poisoned weapons, I’d need one more ability though to make it on par with the Assasins and I want to tbe somewhat thief-y.


—That kind of pre-battle randomness is uncool. This coming from a High Elf player (damned Intrigue at the Court). Your thief rule touched a nerve.

—On a more productive note, I can see a Hobgoblin assasin character. The fluff justification might be a little odd: Chaos Dwarfs hiring or using a lesser creature to kill another Chaos Dwarf. That just seems odd. Using a Hobgoblin to kill others is perfectly fine though and fits into the Hobgoblin character, as long as they are not all that great at it. I would prefer to avoid long, complicated rules to deal with their infiltration ability. Making such an assasin a scout is a must, perhaps with a rule to furthe improve the ability, such as being able to set up within 12" of enemies.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Make steal so that if they already have a magic item, they must drop it. Only one stolen item may be carried at a time. That’ll help reduce the power of it. Also, mention that the unit must be wiped out in combat or run down, but I don’t think chase them off the board should count. Throw a dagger and someone, killing them from 20 paces away and suddenly holding a glowy aex? Not much sense there.