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Its considered good style to bring a summarise of the important Tamurkhan special rules when attending tournaments and give to your opponents, so that opponents who are unfamiliar with the Chaos dwarf rules can play a good game anyway.

Instead of everyone spending time on writing their own rule pack, we could share them, discuss them, include FAQ parts, and maybe make a nice layout so it’s ready to be printet. Somewhat like the spell cards from Lore of Hashut.

What do you guys say? A good idea or not?


That is a very good idea, to be honest something like that would be handy for all armies.


Very good idea. Pooling resources in this way could lead to the best for everyone. I’m not rulesy-skilled at all and will just wait for better people to handle it. :stuck_out_tongue:


such a document would be very handy for peaple unaware of the CDw and beginners like me.

I think it should be segmented like this:

- unit description
sorted by lord, hero, core, elite, rare choice, mounts
name, unit type, statline, equipment, special rules
infernal guard statline
equipment: blackshard armor, handweapon and shield
optional: greatweapons, fireglaives, blunderbuss, pistol (champ only), naphta bomb (champ only)
special rules: contempt, relentless, resolute

- special rules
shortest possible explanations of each special rule in alphabetical order that can not be found in the brb. should include the dwarf equipment like blackshard armor and blunderbuss.

- magic items
name: black hammer of hashut
type: magic weapon
effect: grants +2 to the wielders strength. a model with the flammable special rule loosing a wound inflicted by […] is killed outright.

- lore of hashut
like the page in the tamurkhan

every single part written without fluff and in the shortest but most precise way. including changes of the errata

The biggest problem is, that this document contains things that are not allowed to be posted online.


We most be able to find a way to make it work. No one got in trouble for the Hashut lore cards, which do the same thing.

We can avoid statlines by writing stuff like: Infernal guards stats are like normal dwarfs, but with a plus 1 to str… Same could be done to hobos.

Alternatively we could make the table, but not write any numbers in them. People could do that after print. To avoid copyright infringement that is.

Has anyone made such a rule pack before? Can anyone share?

Pyro Stick:

Isnt this pretty much what you get when you print out an Army Builder roster?


Yes it is.

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I think the idea is great. But we should be carefull not to share “direct rule summaries”, effectively letting people avaiding buying the book.

I don’t like it when Army Builder rosters are shared, showing of way to many rules really.


Why? Sharing rules via army builder is fine. Folks will still buy the book, as army builder does not give away everything.


I have never used army builder. Can someone link a pick to a printed choas dwarf list, so I can see how they go about it?

Is army builder free and easy to use?

Pyro Stick:

I have never used army builder. Can someone link a pick to a printed choas dwarf list, so I can see how they go about it?

Is army builder free and easy to use?

Google Army Builder Roster or something to see what some of them look like. An army list will usually be 2 or 3 pages depending on the size and amount of special rules and it automatically adds equipment effects to the statlines.

Its free to add 3 units to a list to check point costs of certain things etc. The price is the worst thing about it. At $39.99 i will never buy it. I was actually shocked when i saw the price. I would have bought it instantly at $10 or something because its really useful. I was using it at a friends house and it makes building a list really simple.