[Archive] Sharp's Intro - Gallery of me Fantasy stuffs


Hello everyone.

Shortly after deciding to do a Chaos Dwarf army as my next army, I met Xander at the GW we both used to work at (both at seperate times). I didn’t know he had this site going… but that has changed! :slight_smile:

Anyway, I thought I would post some of my non-chaos dwarf stuff. I still have to finish my 40k Orks before I start my CD’s, but I’ll get something Site related soon. In the meen time, here is a random assortment of models’ I’ve done.

My Nurgle Mortal Chaos army


Fantasy Nurgle Demons


They look great, more pics of the chariot would be appreciated!

Did you use any special technique for the ogre sculpt. I plan to do something similar for a Slaanesh daemon prince


Very cool! I have often thought that the new Slann looked suspiciously nurgly…

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Love the warriors! Seems we have decided on a similar colour scheme as you can see on my warriors. Light colours work great with Nurgle!

I’m not so sure about the Slann, but the throne is spectacular. :slight_smile:


Great stuff. Man I love Chaos Warriors, haha.

Ghrask Dragh:

This stuff is cool as hell! I’ve been waiting to see what you can do since you mentioned xander brought you over here, really good stuff mate!

10 out of 10!! brilliant!

now over to your 40k thread!


I found some more pictures!

Nurgle Sorcerer

Another Shot of my Lord


Hellcannon (board related!)



Your Nurgle lord on mount is an effective conversion. I love nurgle daemons. Your chaos ogres are really… disgusting (perfect).

Nurgle slann! Classic

Your standard bearer with the hood, where is that model from? The photo below that, is that a Herald?

Your hellcannon is really cool as well. We should have a gallery on here somewhere with only hellcannons on it.


The standard bearer with a hood is a very old classic Chaos model. I use him as a hearald with Icon of Chaos for rerolling instability.

The Plaugebearer with the nurgle maracas is one of my unit standard bearers.


Father Grumpmas:

Excellent Nurgly goodness :sick