[Archive] Shield Maidens Of Hashut

Kera foehunter:

well here you guys go these are part of my warrior group.

The shield maiden of hashut.

sorry about the size guys


Very nice start there Kera. I especially like the bretonnian parts on there. I happen to have dug up some old parts, so I will definately be using those.

Those helmets are quite masculine IMO, but I can’t really think of a way to change them. Perhaps its that they’re always shown on men?


Nice job. Perhaps pony tails coming out in the back near the top of the helm (instead of the hair coming out from under the bottom of the helm) would give the figures a more feminine look.

Nice job, here is a slave for your efforts.

Kera foehunter:

Boy you guys know your gw pieces… Well i like the idea of the poney tail. yea the helmets look manish But sometime us girl like to where something manish it makes us feel safe.Well we’ll see if they look more feminine when there painted

thanks kera


Have to agree with you there Theory_Man. Adding as many top knots that come with the set as possible would look better.

You could even use some horse tails that have been trimmed a bit.

Would adding hair like these look silly?



Cool stuff! More hair should help with the femininity. :slight_smile:

Pyro Stick:

I agree that they need more to make them look more feminine but its a good start!


id do the long pony tails. i like the feminine poses some of them have with their hand on their hips.

great idea w/ the bretonian 5th ed. helmets. are you gonna throw your namesake in with them for a champion/hero??

i thought of another idea for your pirate theme too kera:

wooden plank bases. it would look like they are on the deck of a ship.

or make your captured standard token be masts of ships w/ sails and flags instead of normal standards.

and treasure chests for objective markers.

and a dingy/rowboat for a messenger model.

baba yaga:

cool idea with the bret bits, I forgot that bull existed. THX for reminding me.


Very cool! very original! great idea, i think that it will turn out to be an intresting unit, its just that i cant imagine chicks walking around in Chaos warrior helmets :stuck_out_tongue:

Kera foehunter:

thanks guys. more feminine hummm let see asking guy what they think is feminine.now thats funny. But hey this idea came from your guys imortals

Grims i hate Dark Elders!!!


Don’t knock Dark Eldar, without them I couldn’t have made my cult of slaanesh


I do like kera

One thing though, you have used hands from both editions on some models

That means on some, one hand is bigger than the other!

Kera foehunter:

well i did the poney tail thing and it don’t look anymore female .they look like chaos dwarfs soccer moms with mans helmets

@AGPO ooooohhhh i like to see the cult of slaanesh you did

@ Warplock well buddy one of your hand are bigger than the other in real life you tend to use it more. so i think i nailed it greatly!!! also they do have shields

i love all your guys idea. " group hug"


shakes fist at kera

Kera foehunter:

wow i did not see this at first . WARPLOCK WROTE: I do like kera .

now thats so sweet i like you too warplock.



Chaos energy causes women’s breast to explode in size until they are so large that the woman can hardly reach her arms past them?..

I guess that’s why none of the Chaos Armies field Chaos-imbued females on the battlefield (not counting the demonettes who tend to be slender overall).

Kera foehunter:

well i don’t know about chaos women. chaos dwarfs don’t know how to make ammor for us full figure Chaos dwarfs. Well who want to look like an elf?


Don’t mention it kera

It is my quest to make one person a day happy!


They look excellent.

Perhaps using some greenstuff to make a ground-length skirt under the chainmail might help to make them look more feminine (although to be honest, i’m not really sure how “feminine” CD women should look anyway). Failing that, perhaps ahem bigger breasts.