[Archive] Short story


�?oThe hobgoblin is late. I should never have agreed to this.�?�

�?oRelax, brother. He will come. We will need his wolves�?�

�?oI don’t fancy the prospect of needing anyone. Dawi Zharr do not ask, we take!�?�

�?oMust I remind you why we are here, Zharrukin?�?�

�?oNo, I know it well enough, brother.�?�

Zharrukin, warlord of Clan �^-Zageth, glared at his older brother, the sorcerer Ur-Zabnar. Their clan had fallen on bad times recently, when a mine collapsed, killing every last one of the clan’s  slaves, and leaving them short on funds. Their forges stood stilent during the day, no whips were heard in the Clan’s mining stronghold.

Only two days ago, Ur-Zabnar had come to his brother to reveal what a vision from Hashut had shown him. A goblin tribe had recently managed to open up an abandoned dwarf mine-fortress, supposedly still filled with enough gold to get the clan back on it’s feet. Conquering the goblin tribe would also provide a ripe crop of slaves.

But they needed help to besiege a dwarf mine, even one defended by mere goblins. It was Ur-Zabnar who had suggested the tribe of one Ogrob Khan, a free roaming hobgoblin. Imagine that, a free hobgoblin. It was almost an atrocity towards Hashut.

�?oHere they come now. Stay quiet�?�

�?oVery well brother…�?�


A little confusing, the hobgoblin was in a tribe on his own? At least he gets to be da Boss!

Nice short story though, it sets the scene for why they would need to be so daring.