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zorn sabretooth:

should chaos dwarfs able to field hoc units or not


Hmmm interesting question, I think no for the daemons and beasts and maybe ahh I dont know about hordes… Is not the chao dwarf ideal to take over the world? would that mean killing off all chaos as well?

I am looking forward to reading others opinions on this as well!!

I will vote at a later date once I have read some more.

Thommy H:

No one besides HoC can field HoC units. Why should Chaos Dwarfs be any different?


I agree with Thommy H.

Are you going for a record or something with all the topics started and posts without most of them being quite constructive, to be honest…

zorn sabretooth:

i was just asking


Perhaps the chaos dwarfs could enslave humans as they have done to orcs and goblins.

I think this is a valid thread as it is a discussion about chaos dwarfs.

Thommy H:

Would “Should Chaos Dwarfs be able to field Skaven units” also be a valid thread?


I do sorta miss when you could use ally armies.  It was a really old version of the army books, but I remember when you could take something like 25% of your points spent on an ally army list.  I want to say that was version 3 or 4.  I can’t remember because that was a long time ago.  It was sort of cool to be able to field small portions of other armies to see if you liked them.  And it really changed the dynamics of each game too.  You could have elves and still field some heavy troops from an ally army, or CDs, and still have some additional fast moving troops beyond the 2 options we have had.  

So, I guess the answer is no they shouldn’t, because they used to be able to, and they can’t anymore.

Thommy H:

You could take allies for your army before 6th Edition. It was potentially fun (I’d love to be able to mix and match certain units so I could have “counts as” stuff) but too open to abuse - what’s the point of a Wood Elf army with cannons?

zorn sabretooth:

cd field hoc

Would "Should Chaos Dwarfs be able to field Skaven units" also be a valid thread?
thats not the point

Thommy H:

Well then what is the point?

turquois dwarf:

with legendary battles you could and probably in a game with a friend if they agreed


In a Legendary Battles game it is possible to field allies with your army, so the question is a valid one.

Also, in team games (like those outlined in the General’s Compendium) it is also possible for CD to team up with other races.

I would think that for CD the obvious allies would be Ogres, Orcs & Goblins and Chaos. In my next Legendary Battles game my CD are going to be teamed up with Chaos. We saw in the SoC that they sold Hell Cannons to Archaon, so presumably they have contact with the Chaos hordes in the North, and they certainly aren’t opposed to Chaos on moral or ideological grounds.

Viskar Zhragoth:

Well, I’d have to say under the current constraints of 7th edition, that no they shouldn’t unless you are playing Legendary Battles.

As far as certain scenarios, sure if you and your friends want to give it a try…

And I’d think the majesty of Hashut may turn some of those unbelievers, and if not, we can enslave them all!

Kera foehunter:

IM holding out for are new cd book!!!


i believe the question has been phrased in reverse… and should read:

“Should HoC field CDs?”… to which I’d be inclined to answer: "Yes."

But due to the way this poll is phrased I will have to abstain…


HoC includes both daemons and mortals doesn’t it?


In the 6th ed yes and Aparrently in the new books HoC will be the lynch pin between BoC & DoC as it will be able to feild both armies yet the other 2 armies will not be able to take anyone.


Would "Should Chaos Dwarfs be able to field Skaven units" also be a valid thread?

Thommy H
Well then what is the point?

Thommy H
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HoC includes both daemons and mortals doesn't it?

ah yes...
surely we should beat this horse till it is good and dead rather than take some things for granted...
I (and I guess the original poster) meant mortals of chaos... or what are they calling them this week?
Warriors of Chaos? Chaos warriors? who knows? but surely its so goddamn important!