[Archive] Should Hobgoblins (+ Cd Goblin Choices) get the Waagh?

Tarrakk Blackhand:

I’ve been playing a few “Low Fantasy” games against a new Orcs and Goblins player and as we were doing so, I was thinking that if both our “Greenskins” suffer from anamosity, why can’t both eclare the Waagh?

Is there any special reason behind this (Something simular to CD Black Orcs not being able to carry magic standards), or is it just that GW didn’t include this back in the day when they wrote the RH list?

Finally, do you think that they should give HG the Waagh when Forge World writes the new CD book?


I’d say the green skins have such a broken spirit/mind that they can’t

But it is a good question, what ed did the waagh come in?


Hard to imagine slaves mustering the enthusiasm for a waaagh.


The greenskin general declared a Waagh, but a CD general is rarely a greenskin (and couldn’t be at all in 4th/5th edition) so it wasn’t a useful rule for RH.


I would be happy to get by without a Waagh if I didn’t have to test for animosity!

Hashut’s Blessing:

Even a CD greenskin general (I.E. Hobgoblin Hero) can’t call one. The point is the slaves/trusted slaves/labourers or whatever aren’t the ones that ever called a full-scale Waaagh!, although they sort of get enthusiastic (hence the surge forwards they get).

A Waaagh! (in fluff terms) is called by a non-Hobgoblin greenskin character because they are the ones most listened to (for brains, brawn or magicks) and Hobgoblins aren’t into the whole fighty-fighty thing, so much as sneaky-sneaky.

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Well, maybe Hobgoblins can’t, but what about the regular Goblins, Orc Arrer Boys, etc that are in the Blasted Wastes? Or is it just that when they’re all incorporated in the CD army, they just don’t Waagh?


Well we don’t have access to any O&G characters apart from hobgoblins so there is really no one in the force that could call a waagh! And i agree with what was being said earlier, being someones slave does not necessarily fill you with enthusiasm.


I believe that waaagh’s are a pure greenskin thing, so our poor old slaves just haven’t got what it takes. Mind you, today the orc’s waaghing didn’t help me against “blinking” chaos warriors.


I'd say the green skins have such a broken spirit/mind that they can't
But it is a good question, what ed did the waagh come in?