[Archive] Should Ishkur enter his work into Golden Demon competitions?




Yes, if he wants too;)

If not we will send round the boys to make sure he does:hat

Hashut’s Blessing:

I see no reason for him not to, other than because he doesn’t want to.


/sticks air pump into Ishkur’s Ego.

Are ya ready?
I think he’s definitely got the skills and the dedication. He is an artist in the truest sense of the word - his sculpting, the quality of his concept sketches and plans. I’d like to know what he does in Real Life… I’m thinking artist/graphic designer…

I think it comes down to how well he can deal with the painstakingly excruciating GD judges and their “rules and methods”. Its not enough to have a good idea, or a good model, you need to go about the whole job with their rules in mind. From what I hear:

* Consistent paint. It has to be smooth, not lumpy, evenly covered, well graded, covering all the model. Things like obvious washes, dipping, etc, get models disqualified.

* No mistakes. A flashline, obvious brushstrokes, a grain of dust trapped in paint, a fingerprint, an area unpainted (even on the underneath/less seen angles), a blob of paint caught in a crevice = loss.

There’s probably more, but I don’t know them.

What I’m driving at is that you have to work by their standards and personal style is persecuted points wise. Impressionistic paint work, obvious drybrushing, different approaches usually mean getting penalties. Sure, might make it through a round or two, but if you’re out to win, forget it unless you are out to meet these requirements.

I have a secret plan to win a GD award and that is to build a gigantic, awesome Forgeworld model (Chaos Titan) and compete against 1-2 other entries, so I win by default rather than skill. :slight_smile: But I’ve been saying that for 4 years now and never built the Titan… /sigh

I’m not that competitive to begin with and so my hopes of entering the GD were smashed by the competitions I entered at my local GW (Burlington, Ontario) where originality, creativity, colour choices, conversions, etc, counted for nothing and the prizes went to the person who painted the safest, most boring, consistently applied paint job. Two of them were won by the same person, who “ingenuously” didn’t bother even to base figures very well and instead placed their models on a prefabricated “dungeon diorama”…

Ok, this has turned into a rant. Terminating msg.

If Ishkur has determination, patience and the raw desire to put up with high quality, artificed BS then he has a chance!


Sad when a game has to have all the fun taken out of it. You are correct, they are about painting precision, as opposed to artistry, creativity, conversion, etc.

This is why competitions such as the Golden Hat series are so vital… everything counts, and it is the community and those with valid interest who judge.


Iskhur’s stuff rocks but no big hatz representin’ A-Town! :wink:

Pyro Stick:

Ishkur has the potential to win every golden hat if he wants to. I guess its just up to him to deicde if he feels like he wants to win or not.


Pyro has “hit the nail on the head as it were”…


I think Ishkur could enter, and at least make it into the second round.

At this point however, I have yet to see something that could win golden daemon.

I would encourage him to enter though, as taking part in itself is a good enough reason.

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Guys I’m so flattered. :cheers I think it would be worthwile to take part in GD competition again (I did a few years ago but with no success) - but not because I think I could actually win anything, but because it would show people that the Dawi Zharr are still out there.

The thing about GD is that is usually boils down to the handful of same individuals that win every year because they know exactly what they have to present to the judges. At the German GD, where I would be, the winning model is usually painted in NMM. Which is totally stupid for a tabletop mini but looks very nice. The German winners have even gathered to a “Team Germany” to stem the very successful invasion by French and Italian competitors who only go to Cologne to win a Golden Demon.

So rather than overestimate my painting skills (which are nowhere near GD level), I would be there to promote the Dawi Zharr cause. You’d have to live with a big hat though! :wink:


@ Ishkar


not only will you with the Golden Deamon

i’m sure you’ll win the slayer sword!

my fiancee is gonna enter the golden Deamon contest at games day here in the US.


I know someone in Team Germany


think about it, he’s a golden hat winner, AND the CDO best hobbiest 2007

he’s definately gonna win


I think Ishkur could enter every WH category with his army! Pick a category to devote your time to ishkur, and just enter stuff you aleady have into the others. While they may not win, they will be of a better standard than a lot of stuff you see at GD and will show people that CDs are still about in a kick ass fasion!


Dude you underestimate your stuff, its jaw dropping. Though I do get your point about the judges tripping over themselves about NMM.

Father Grumpmas:

I would encourage Ishkur to enter - your painting is of a standard that you would not look out of place and it would also increase the profile of Chaos Dwarfs.

After all, who would have picked that a group of old Marauader CD’s, even with a great paint job, would get placed in a GD.


NMM is a lot more popular in mainland europe than the UK.

It does show expert blending skills, which IMO requires higher skills than regular metallics.  I’d love to do an NMM taurus based on the new juggernaut for GD.

That said, NMM is a style of painting, its not the only style.

There are others: ultra realistic, source lighting, graded textures etc. You do occasionally see these others, but nowhere near as often as NMM.

Ghrask Dragh:

First of all - Ishkur is the man!! easily the best painter on the site and some of the ideas he comes up with are just amazing!

… but Golden Demons are getting really intense (here in the UK we get teams from all over coming to compete :~ even though their own countries have Golden Demons!!) these are the entries for Germany last year GERMANY 2007 - Demon Winner, the unofficial Golden Demon website  I think Ishkur would do well in the regiment cat’ if this is the usual standard! (look at the yougbloods miniatures for god’s sake! just when you think your getting somewhere some punk kid kicks your ass! :))

Ishkur has the talent to paint like this, I would love to see him really try for a GD trophy, I think you could get there!!

I admire your attitude to promote our CD cause, as far as I’m concerned your army is the flagship for all the non-believers :hat off

(btw - if anyone has noticed the Away in my profile I am trying to have a break from Chaos Dwarfs to get some other stuff done but I just can’t keep away!! :))

Kera foehunter:

i say go for it make us proud!!!

Uzkul Werit:

Since there were no Chaos Dwarfs last year in it (but a funky Giant/Gorilla conversion), I say any Chaos Dwarfs would be nice. On the topic of people from other countries winning it all the time, each year I have been (a good five at least) everytime a Brit has yet to take the Slayer Sword.

And besides, enter and you can get in early. :smiley: