[Archive] Siege Giant: Destroying buildings

The Zoramite:

So I was reading the Siege Giant rules and discovered that I love its special rules.

Specifically: The ability to attack buildings regardless of the scenario you’re in as per the wallripper rule.

This means that it can pull off destroying the Watchtower in the Watchtower scenario 13/18 times it charges as it does 2d6 wounds, automatically, to any building and the Watchtower has 6 wounds according to page 399 of the Warhammer Rulebook(Which the Siege Giant rules quotes under the Wallripper rule).

I’m thinking of adding the Siege Giant specifically for campaign weekends that require the Watchtower scenario. What do you think?


In every tourney Ive been to in the last year and a half, theres always been a watchtower scenario, with victory points as a secondary objective. Flying into the tower with the Giant and smashing it down would tie that first objective, and allow you as the Chaos Dwarf player to focus entirely on victory points; leaving the enemy more than a little confused and out of position.

Man I hate that scenario. Stupid grave Guard.