[Archive] Silver Demon won by Ravenswood with Magma Cannon!


[align=center][size=xx-large]Ravenswood Has Won A Silver Demon![/size][/align]

Hip hip hooray for Ravenswood! Many of us have followed his brilliant painting progress through the realm of Hashut over the years, and now he is reaping renown in the Golden Demon painting competition. Behold the silver winning entry, an exquisite Magma Cannon!


Find out more here about this miniature paintjob which earned him silver.

Stellar work, Ravenswood! :hat off

The Staff

Also on CDO: GH XXXI


Congrats! awesome paint job


Very nice, I’m sure most of your work would be eligible for a top 3 spot in any golden demon comp! very nice mate.


Done beautifully and well deserved


Great paintjob! :hat off

The Silver Demon is well deserved! :cheers



Wonderful work, congrats Ravenswood!! Always nice to see Chaos Dwarfs getting a little bit of the spotlight! You represent us all well.



Congrats and well earned!


Serious Kudos here. Very impressed.