[Archive] Skaarac, the Bloodborn


Hello!  I’d like to start a disscusion on the 888th Khorne model released by GW :cheers It is a Forgeworld model.

I’m in the mind that he is actually a K’daai Destroyer whose daemon spirit has rebelled.  He looks to be based off the FW Destroyer that sadly never made it to production…skulls in metal ribcage, bull-like appearance, and the weapons are almost exactly the same.  The fluff for him too says he may well be a rogue experiment of the Zharr.

Furthermore, he doesn’t look like a Khorgorath…granted they may have many forms, since they are just animals dragged to Khorne to be crafted into insane beasts.  The fact that he is Khorne could be explained by: that it is what the bound daemons allegiance was prior to being enslaved.  It rebelled and fused with the construct prison when it broke free of control and, being a Khorne Daemon, decided to start killing everything.  Not really know what to call it, people were just like “must be one of those Khorgathingys Khorne is always cooking up.” and labeled it as the greatest of the bunch.

Some rules are similar to the Taurus and Fireborn.  Being able to spew forth “unhallowed blood hot as molten iron.” and upon death deals mortal wounds as he explodes.  His Command Ability is comparable to the Taur’uk’s and he crashes in with a Thunderous Hooves attack.

I really like the model and am thinking of using him with his current warscroll, but just calling him a Destroyer…as the new rules for them, which are just the Great Taurus rules :mad, are lackluster for how a Destroyer should be represented in the game.  To me also, the symbols on his armor are definitely Khorne, but if viewed through a different lens…look a bit like Chaos Dwarfs :stuck_out_tongue: especially on his hand weapons.

Would love to hear what you guys think about the model, his rules, and his fluff as possibly being a crazy kind of K’daai Destroyer?


Tried looking it up on the GW website and couldn’t find it. Not that I’d know much more anyway


Sorry is a FW model I’ll edit.

Was just looking at the top down in the 360 degree view and the arm weapon really really looks like a Chaos Dwarf face with a tall hat on :smiley:


@ Abecedar: https://www.forgeworld.co.uk/en-GB/Skaarac-the-Bloodborn

@ Mjollnir: it’s been shown here before and the consensus is that it was converted from the scrapped Destroyer mini that was stuck in development for years.


The model is far better than the WIP Destroyer.

The model can become a Destroyer with some heavy convertions.

The model is still butt ugly, expensive as hell and not as cool as Titanforges Infernal Golem, which just needs some flame conversions on the inner workings beneath his armour.

This is obviously just my opinion. I’m still running a Balrog and Skaarac is way cooler than the Balrog. I actually want to see Skaarac sexed all up for Hashut. Could surprise me :slight_smile: