[Archive] Ska's Legion: The Adventures of Beardy & Big Bully


Having been a bit of a lurker for some time on CDO I felt it finally time to make my own blog to track my armies slow progress. Due to the fact that I’ve been reticent/embarrassed to post for so long I’ve actually built to a small force already so this first post will contain pics of what has already been completed.

I also recently got married and my wife said that with some of the leftover cash from the honeymoon i was ‘allowed’ to do a sizeable Forgeworld order so sitting in my todo pile is currently: 20 Infernal Guard, Magma Canon, Iron Daemon & 6 K’daai Fireborn.

I’m involved in a makeshift escalation league at my workplace (we’re due to start in the next month or so with some 500 point games) so this has affected what I’ve chosen to paint first.

I’m sure some will notice some borrowed ideas here and there and I hope those members don’t mind too much (its flattery, right?) Without further ado, my miniatures…

C&C welcome below, would love to hear feedback/comments :slight_smile:

My Castallan (he’ll be my only hero for the first 500 point game) Went with silver to make him stand out from the IG block. When I ramp up to include more Hero/Lord choices ill probably give him a Khorne Red repaint to match the IG.

Daemonsmith Sorcerer

First 10 Infernal Guard - Movement tray currently WIP, can’t quite decide how to tie it in with the lava bases. Perhaps just base the edges with the same red undercoat.

20 Hobgoblins - I know using NGs for Hobbos isnt for everyone, but i decided i’d much rather spend the money on the FW stuff for the army so I took cheaper options wherever i could. Again, movement tray and bases WIP.

5 Hobgoblin Wolf Raiders - I wanted to have 5 radically different colours for the wolves. I love how they came out, i just hate that i had to stick a Hobbo on each one as im sure you can tell, my painting on the smaller miniatures leaves a lot to be desired :s

Beardy the Lammasu (as if it wasnt obvious) Massive props to Xander for doing this first. Have to say I took the cop out option and did a lot less greenstuff/reposing work then him but the head swap works well and im really pleased with the result. Rather than put a rider on him i was thinking of positioning Yro’s Daemonsmith stood on a lava piece pointing angrily ahead.

Big Bully - Absolutely love this model. It was the very first one i got for a birthday a year or so ago and its the one i really awnted to get right. As such it has only just been finished (Draz is actually still on the paint station) Dead chuffed with him :smiley:

Da Crusha:

very nice army. I like your color selections.


Very very nice, I like it a lot. Nice colors!


very nice so far. having the “rider” standing on the base is a great idea. I think I saw it here or somewhere ages ago and am doing it with a slaanesh steed and old champion.


Loving the Lamasu! (which could be a film title, come to think of it )

Great and vibrant colors.

PS: also like your avatar, makes me think back on Stan`s previously owned coffins and smile :slight_smile:

Ghrask Dragh:

Great start, thanks for posting. I am also loving the lammasu. You did great work on the Taurus too


Nice, will watch this with interest!


Well done! I look forward to seeing more of you. I like especially the Castellan and the Wolf Rider! The color scheme of Cinderbreath is also very well chosen.

Goltor Lintrepide:

Very nice, I like this Lamassu!


Thanks for the kind words guys :slight_smile: its nice to see so many positive comments.


uuuhh great work friend!!! the lammasu is amazing!