[Archive] Skaven for sale/trade. W: $$$ or Bolt Action


Looking at getting rid of my Skaven. I’m downsizing my Warhammer collection t o armies that I actually play… so the Skaven have got to go as cool as I may find them.

115 of the starter Clanrats (most bare plastic, some assembled and partly painted)

90 of the old rats (assembled and most painted)

6 Rat ogres (starter) (4 unassemlbed, 2 assembled with some paint)

SOLD! 40 Plague monks (assembled and some paint)

10 Censer bearers (metal, painted)

a smattering of the starter characters

Plastic priest from the bell/furnace kit (painted)

3 mortars

3 warpfire

3 metal ratlings

Screaming Bell (painted)

Doomwheel (painted)

50 or so giant rats

There’s some extra stuff that I’ll just throw in as I’m not bothered to consider it for the cost. Mainly some conversions made on the cheap for some stuff (Jezzails and cannon).

Wanting to sell as a lot. So I’m willing to be reasonable on offers as well. As stated below, if you’re trading Bolt Action for it… I’ll cut you a sweet deal.

It’s been slightly used for condition.

want in exchange

Reasonable offers for paypal.

Bolt Action for trade would also work. As a further incentive, I am willing to trade down a bit for Bolt Action stuff as that’s mainly what I want to do with this sale anyways.

For Bolt Action I am looking for the main rulebook, German rulebook, and German stuff.


If you decided to break it up a bit I might be interested in the ratlings, censer bearers and giant rats (if they are the metal kind).


I’d prefer to sell it as a lot. The rats are plastic.

Though I’m selling it fairly cheap, so a reasonable offer would be considered.


Guess I have to be willing to split this up.

All prices include shipping within the USA/Canada. Overseas would be a bit more. If you buy multiple things, I’d obviously be willing to reduce it a bit. All prices are in US dollars.

Block of Clanrats (old style) 42 + 2 unit fillers (a rat on each) makes a unit of 50. Tails shortened a bit to allow ranking up to be easier. Spears/shields.

$30 US.

Other block (same thing): $30 US

SOLD 41 Plaguemonks: Most painted. all assembled. $35

Screaming Bell (not attached to base, but assembled/painted): $35

50 of the starter clanrats: $25

50 of the starter clanrats $25

6 Ogres from starter $20

6 converted Jezzails. Converted from old clanrats: $6

Converted cannon (converted from misc stuff and old clanrats) $6

Abombination 35

Doomwheel (assembled and painted): $25


I will takes trades for Bolt Action as well! I’ll keep it roughly equivalent to their retail value. If within $5 (in my favor or yours) I’m willing to call it even if you are.

Main rulebook (retail $35)

German rulebook (retail $25)

Blitzkrieg German box (retail $41)

Stug Link to the type I like

Two German HMG teams $22.5


I also have the battle magic cards for skaven (package opened) for $35