[Archive] Skaven Warlock Engineer (WIP)


Hey guys you’ve roped me into making a Chaos Dwarf army right after I finish my Skaven.  I’ve read through the conversions forum and was really impressed by all the great techniques and ideas.  I thought I’d post up my WIP engineer to get some feed back.


-Space Marine torso (heavily filed)

-Plague Monk body (with torso cut off)

-Plague Monk head

-Plague Monk right arm (hand cut off Ork powerclaw)

-Plague Monk left arm (hand cut off for Empire pistol)

I still need to do gap filling, details added to SM torso, and probably going to carve a hole in the sides of the torso to create the illusion of the arms protruding.  Oh and I plan to cut off the empire pistol hand and file down the bracelet from the plague monk arm. Will also be adding a back pack converted from a space marine jump back and some heavy GS.

C&C always welcomed.  Cheers


Wow :o that’s a great conversion, mann I have been thinking like a ehmm (I don’t know) but I have never been able to get a good idea for a warlock conversion my self… so keep up the great work :slight_smile:

Kera foehunter:

wow you use super sculpey to cool skaven

Hashut’s Blessing:

Sounds cool so far (the plans that is) and looks brilliant. It’s cheap too. Compared to buying it, anyway. Have you got any further with this yet?


Been too busy working with the new fantastic amazing washes to work on him. Will devote tomorrow to finishing the checklist and testing the washes out on him.


Progress has been made!

Still need to add some warpstone, need to get guitar string for wiring, and skaven up his powerclaw.

C&C always welcomed.


that looks very nice

Hashut’s Blessing:

Despite those additions you need to add, it’s looking pretty darned good!


Looking very very nice so far…but dare i say it…dont you think the klaws a bit too big?


Thanks for the kind words guys. Almost finished with this guy and then it’s on to the rest of my army.

@WarplockMonkey - I like the look of the extra big klaw. Kind of fits with the skaven rag tag/mix match technology feel.

Added exposed warpstone to powerklaw and an arm to the back pack. The arms are based off of Mark of Chaos concept art

I plan to add at least one more to kind of balance out the back pack.

C&C always welcomed.


All in all that skaven is one evil master of bad*ss-ness :wink:

A real masterwork, what colours do you have in mind for the backpack?


All in all that skaven is one evil master of bad*ss-ness ;)
A real masterwork, what colours do you have in  mind for the backpack?

Not sure, I'm really new to the hobby so I haven't completely painted a miniature so far. Most I've done is use the washes a little bit - and they are amazing.


Yeah looking good so far!

With the claw…it looks good now with the additions…but i think it needs ALOT of wires and joints to tie it in with the rest of the model!

And i don’t think you need an extra-arm…it adds to the rag-tag look of the skven, plus it balances out the claw!

Hashut’s Blessing:

Now that it’s been mentioned, one thing I would suggest is that you boulk out the Skaven’s arm (the felsh of the one with the claw) or add some cloak around the flesh… Just look better. Also, the single backpack arm works well, in my opinion. Give it a go with painting it, just have an idea of how you want its colours to be and try it out…