[Archive] Skavenblight Gazette issue #8 released

Skaven Lord Vinshqueek:

URL: http://skavenblightgazette.com/issue/issue08.html

Squeek, squeek, squeek… Furry X-mas!

As 2009 nears its end, the Skavenblight Gazette unleashes its eigth issue on the internet. Created by Skaven players for Skaven players, but for those that don’t play Skaven, it should be an enjoyable read just the same.

This issue, Seer Squeek once again returns to share his wisdom to those that dare to ask for it. However, he is not the only famous person amongst the Skaven that has given us some answers, as C.L. Werner (author of the Grey Seer Thanquol novel) has granted us the pleasure of an interview. Now that’s something we don’t show everyday.

Next to that, there is a review of the 7th edition Skaven armybook by fellow editor Clanlord Trask. We have a background piece on a small organization that works exclusively for the Council in order to keep our presence a secret to the man-things in the lands above ours… To finish all of this off, we have a story on a Grey Seer purchasing some of the new units the greater clans are selling to the warlord clans, aside from a convertion article with a set of house rules for the convertion in question.

Short to say, there is yet again a good read for those cold winter days. So, get reading and let us know what your thoughts on this issue are.



In case people wonder about it, I have Xander’s and Willmark’s “Okay” to post this message here.

P.S. 2:

pokes Willmark… Buddy, it’s that time of the year again. :wink:


I’m looking forward to read this, having recently finished my Skaven army and loving every game with them! You guys do a top notch job. I always enjoy reeading your webzine.

Skaven and Chaos Dwarfs, my two favorite armies as they’re both steam punk. So don’t worry guys, I’m not betraying the Order of the Curly Beard.


Awesome SLV! I look forward to downloading it in the next few days and flicking through it.

As far as that time of year. Whatever do you mean? Oh you mean it’s time to rise to the challenge and release another Word of Hashut?

Skaven Lord Vinshqueek:

As far as that time of year. Whatever do you mean?

Well, I had the thought to write down "that time of the month", but I think that would have given off a wrong signal. *grins*... (Bad jokes, it must be friday night).

Looking forward to seeing the comments. ;)



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Kera foehunter:

Nice job Lord Vinshqueek , this has been a great year for you skaven