[Archive] Skavenblight Gazette issue #9 released

Skaven Lord Vinshqueek:

URL: http://www.skavenblightgazette.com/issue/issue09.html

Greetings to all.

With a new edition of Warhammer Fantasy (and with that, a starter set including Skaven) having reached us, so has another issue of the Skavenblight Gazette. The issue, created by Skaven players for Skaven players, tries to get the best from each aspect of the hobby right here for you to read.

This issue features:

- the Ask Seer Squeek column

- houserules for the Renegade-Adept Dazkin character for Mordheim

- a Secrets of the Skaven article for Warhammer Roleplaying

- Character Spot: Grey Seer Thanquol

- the returning Confessions of a Dwarf Slave painting article series

- After the Change

- a converting your Rat Ogre article from the Construction Warrens

So, you should have a good read during those nice summer days.

Please let us know what your thoughts on this issue are, and in case people wish to contribute to the Skavenblight Gazette, do not hesitate to contact us.



In case people wonder about it, I have Xander’s and Willmark’s “Okay” to post this message here.


Hiya Vince, thanks for the info! :hat off