[Archive] Skin Tones Guide


I thought it might be useful for people if we took close up photos of a model we have painted, with a very simple explanation of what colours were used on the skin.

I will edit any pictures that are too large, so its just a close up of skin.��I will add them to this first post so people can follow it easily.


Spray Undercoat: �Chaos Black

Basecoat:��Equal parts Dark Flesh and Codex Grey

First Highlights:��Dark Flesh and Codex Grey mixed, increasing amounts of Tanned Flesh.

Last Highlights:��Dwarf Flesh and Tanned Flesh mixed, a hint of Codex Grey.

Detail Highlights:��Dwarf Flesh.


Undercoat = Priming coat, right? With the spray paint?

Kera foehunter:

thanks grims .



Sorry, yes I will edit that.

If people want to pm a photobucket link, or just post a picture here thats fine.