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Ancient History:

Anybody have the original White Dwarfs detailing this guy (WD79 and 83, UK editions)? Trying to confirm his CD ties before they brought him back in Ogre Kingdoms somewhat changed.


Background for Skrag the Slughterer from WD79:

"From an early age, Skrag was recognized to be extremely bloodthirsty even for an Ogre. Driven from his cla aftter stealing a rare starmetal axe and using it to kill several priests, he wandered the fringes of the Chaos Wastes for some years. It was there that the renegade Chaos god Malal came to him and offered him a pact. Malal guided the ogre to a Chaos Dwarf hold, where he forced the smiths to forge a great suit of plate armour. Once it was fitted, Skrag put all the dwarves to the axe, offering their souls to Malal and using their blood to consecrate his Chaos wargear. He now stalks the battlefields of the world, leaving a trail of carnage dedicated to his master, gradually becoming symbiotic with his armour. He is shadowed by a Chaos Dwarf, the lone survivor of the massacre, who has sworn to deliver the ogre's death-blow."

Malal lives
You'll find more about Malal here: http://www.freewebs.com/malal-lives/thelostgod.htm

Ancient History:

Danke. Is there anything on the Tin Man construct in #83?