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Lizardmen in WH 40K?

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I don’t see why not, but making an army out of those models will cost you a pretty penny. I’d get converting with the new models, IMO, and use Tau or Eldar rules.


I wasent thinking about making an army i was just like “Wow thats cool Lizardmen in 40k” :smiley:


Back in the day the Slaan were actually a seperate race, and 40k as simply a sci-fi setting for the races of the warhammer world


OK, the lost history of the warhammer world.

Nigel Silman re-wrote Bretonnia and Lustria when they released WFB5.

Originally the Lizardmen races where subterranean, dwelling deeper than the dwarfs but further up than the Skaven. The term “Lizardmen” referred to what are now Saurus, each race having it’s own name.

Lustria was occupied by the Slaân, a race of frog-men, degenerate descendants of the Old Slaân, now called the Old Ones. The Slaân had different castes of warrior, defined by totem animals. They where a bit like the Lizardmen now, but had some barely-understood Old-Slaân technology. The old Lustria setting was a “Chariot of the Frogs Techno-Fantasy”, and was very, very cool and very original. It was created by Richard “Hal” Haliwell, who alsco co-wrote the original WFB and created Space Hulk.

In 40K, the Slaân had not degenerated as far, possessing more technology, but had forgotten their origins and where a small empire at most.



Except that they were “Slann.”  I’ve never seen “Slaân” used. Mix up with D&D Slaan, perhaps?

Also, I don’t think the degenerate Slann actually used the technology of the Old Slann. They had it in temples for safe keeping and were at war with the Amazons who stole it. This was around the time of the Citadel Compendium #2. Both the Slann and the Amazons were at odds with the Norse, who at this time, didn’t follow the Chaos gods.

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Neat old stuff! I wish I was gaming in those days.

I think it would make sense to bring back 40K lizardmen seeing as how “Dinos in Space” is an often used Sci-Fi theory anyway.


GRNDL: That’s the spelling in Forces of Fantasy, so that’s what I used.

I’ll admit they disn’t male use of most of the technology, but occasional bits of it, much like modern WFB magic items.