[Archive] Slaps forehead! Ninja Dwarf


So, I spent ages looking for the “Chaos Dwarf Zombie Ninja” model on Stuff of Legends, remembering that it was listed as an early normal dwarf the last time I saw it. Eventually found it last night. Then this morning I was going through the GW bitz catalogue, and there he was, page 7 in with the Dwarf Adventurers (along with the great samurai dwarf model). Then it comes to me that he was in the printed Dwarf Collectors guide from the start.

Still, the SoL link was what I was really after since it completes my spreadsheet of all actual and possible Chaos Dwarfs. I’d prefer a link to a page that actually described him as a zombie or a ninja, or even a Chaos Dwarf, but I’m content for now. Any idea where he was described that way?


On the metal tab that glues into the base it describes him as a zombie ninja.

Father Grumpmas:

Offically I don’t think that figure was ever a Chaos Dwarf and is only ever referred to as a Ninja in the Dwarf section of GW catalogues.

My one of this figure is minus it’s tab (pinned to base by brass rod) so I can’t confirm the word ‘zombie’ is there but Wallacer would know - king 0f the old CD models :hat off

Kera foehunter:

do you have a picture of him ???


Thanks Wallacer. I planned to have the link ready, but it is at home. The wiki is still down, so I can’t show you there.

I stuck it in the possible Chaos Dwarf section with things like Kludge and the Siege cannon. While I can see him as a ninja, I can’t tell how he is a zombie.


I’m pretty sure I stuck a picture of the zombie ninja on the wiki ages ago (along with Kludge and the Black Dwarf, two other “might be” Chaos Dwarfs).

Can’t seem to access the wiki at the moment, otherwise i’d paste a link.

If you wish I can pull the model out of the base and read exactly what it says on the tab (which isn’t as drastic as it sounds as my models are flocked very simply and can easily be glued back in).


Yeah, he is in the wiki, but Xander hasn’t got it back up and running yet.

I’m home now, so here is the link: