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Hello Guys,

First of all like to say hey to everyone around the forum, this will be my first post. I am a new convert to the side of the Chaos Dwarfs - I played Dwarfs and recently entered a Team tourney playing as Vampire Counts. Well with that out of the way I decided that I needed a new army and my eyes fell onto the Chaos Dwarfs. I’ve been mocking around with some lists for 2250 Point games mainly for tournaments and as a showcase army and was thinking of what I would do for my Chaos Dwarf Lord. After reading some posts here and there I decided that a Slave Dragon could be the way to go. I’m thinking of converting it from the High Elf Dragon and placing large chains around its neck and anchored down or in the lords hands. I am going to try and have the dragons body look like it is climbing the rock it comes with - Tail wrapped around the base of the rock. I don’t know what I will do with it’s head or the chaos Dwarf. I was thinking of using this as a lord on Great Taurus.

So if after that block of text anyone has some suggestions on anything that I could use for this model I would greatly appreciate it.



Pyro Stick:

The chaines should definately be in the lords hands. Or else how would if fly? If you could get hold of Taurus wings then that would be better than high elf dragon wings.


I’ve begun a Dragon-convertion myself - based on the new Elf Dragon Lord - and it such a cool model. It’s big - and maybe some (like WWillmark :D) would say that it’s a bit out of scale - but to compensate for that I’ll make a trone-looking thing around him.

And yes, it should have lots of chains to control it.

Looking forward to how it turns out.


Hey Guys,

Cheers for the quick replies. I’ve been slowly narrowing down the way that I will be converting my Lord and his Slave Dragon. The lord will be holding the chains in one of his gauntleted hands with a hammer in the other - He is going to be eqquiped ruleswise with the Black Hammer of Hashut - On a rocky outcrop that will come out of the rock tthat the dragon comes with to make him appear taller and more menacing then standing on the ground.

The dragons head will be curling around the rock above the dwarf lord with possible fire starting to come out of his mouth.

Also wondering if anyone has some advice on how to bend the plastic so i can do alot of this convertion without extensive green stuff modelling - im not the best at it - So again if anyone has some advice on how I would be able to achieve this I would like to hear it. I may get to posting some army lists that i’ve created so if you could I would love some feedback on them.



Hashut’s Blessing:

Try having some other things resemble it’s slavedom: such as things like a giant spike that can be shunted into the base of it’s skull, heald in place by a collar, in case it goes angry. Chains between it’s legs too. Maybe somewhat clipped wings? Enough for it to fly, just not far… Emaciated and with lots of whipmarks and scars…


Blessing has some good points, but keep in mind not to go overboard. A dragon is still a dragon after all, if you break down the model too much it wount be as terrifying, as it should be!

I think that the dragon would be restrained with magical or daemonic strength rather than mere chains, though im not sure what one would use to represent that.

Im thinking large runes embedded into its body would be a good start.