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I think chaos dwarfs should be able to include a slave giant

175pts. The slave giants should be good at mineing,

now to fit them into the mine.:cheers


I voted no, as a ‘slave giant’ would be part of the list itself.��If there were to be any giant type creature in our list (which I don’t think there shoud be), I would prefer a metal [wiki]Kollossus[/wiki].

However, allowing DOW giants would seem in character.

Not sure on how to help designing rules for a mining themed slave giant though.


We’ll he might be able to use the under ground advance rule,

but this would his pointd would jump up dramaticly.

The Flying Beaver:

A tunneling giant? :0

No. Just no.


there are mines where only upper part of litosphere are digged out (without tunnels)… maybe in these mines :wink:


I never thought of a lithoshphere mine maybe he sky dive’s down.

Speacal rules for sky diving giant.

Choose a point roll scatter dice and artilary dice if you roll a hit

he lands bang on,if its a misfire he land’s were he’s land’s but takes,

D3 wounds.


i was thinking about mine like this:


However, allowing DOW giants would seem in character.
I agree with Grim on this, it isn't worth taking a rare slot when you can have better things like the Kollosus as previously mentioned.

For that I also voted no;)




I voted no also, I like our rare choices as they are.


Ok I get it you don’t like giants,I just like the giant figure with all those extra bit’s it looks cool.Also I think we already can take them all chaos can take them, and I think chaos dwarfs are evil enough to be chaos.


I wish we could use the DOW giants, then I could at least use my [[Kollossus]] with a workable set of rules.


i havnt voted yet, as im not sure yet on whether or not we are talking about a DOW giant (in which case i would say yes) or an actual giant in our army list (in which case no, i dont think it would be worth it if we could just take it as DOW instead)


I ment it to be a DOW giant wich would get additional rule’s.:~


I ment it to be a DOW giant wich would get additional rule's.:~

????that confuses me even more, are you saying a DOW giant or a giant that is in our army list?


There are a couple of Ogre units that you could use the rules for a Kollossus, but it wipes out all your Rare choices.

I don’t see anything wrong with CDs having a giant, it doesn’t even have to be a slave, why does everything in a CD army have a to be a slave? We trade with enough other races that a bit of cooperation certainly isn’t out of the question in fighting.


I think we alredy can include a DOW giant because all chaos can include a giant.

Also cornixt have you noticed we trade only with evil race’s.


I think we alredy can include a DOW giant because all chaos can include a giant.

Also cornixt have you noticed we trade only with evil race's.

And that's a problem... How?
Orcs and Goblins, Hobgoblins, Ogre Kingdoms, and Hordes of Chaos are confirmed traders. Probably Skaven too. I could imagine a few Chaos Dwarfs surreptitiously trading with the Tomb Kings or Nagashi Undead across the Straits of Nagash, but I don't imagine it would be endorsed.

Lord Archaon:

I also vote no.

As i know Chaos Dwarfs live in Zigguzarts and giant is too big for it, besides giants hate ogres and then he hates us because of our trade relationship so i don’t think chaos dwarfs thinked about having so much problems to handle one giant, they use cannon and deathrockets and other mechanical staff:)

Hashut’s Blessing:

Firstly, I don’t REALLY see how a giant fits in with our fluff. It doesn’t seem to be the sort of creature that we would pay to fight for us and we wouldn’t use it as a slave due to how dangerous it would be. I would welcome someone to use a model of a Kollosus using the giant’s rules (each attack would have a different description really, but just use the Kollosus as counts as and it’s fine). But, oboudd says we are evil enough to be Chaos and therefore should be allowed a giant. I disagree. Whilst we do have undeniable links to Chaos (although MY amy’s fluff is based on the CD not knowing of this connection in any way…), we are not part of the Chaos army. We do not have ANY of their units. So why have the Chaos Giant?

Basically, I will say no. A giant in the army list doesn’t fit in fluffwise (probably completely overpowers us as well). A DoW giant doesn’t fit because I don’t see us paying for a giant to fight for us (too unpredictable really…). I WOULD however, advocate giant or giant-like rules for using a Kollosus.

These are just my opinions and I have not meant to offend anyone if I have.


This is oboudd it’s ok if you don’t like the giant figure but I do so im going to use it anyway(if I cant it’s going to my OnG army).