[Archive] Slave Giants

Hashut’s Blessing:

I never said that I dislike the model, just that, IMO< the character of a giant doesn’t fit into the CD fluff. (P.S. Ya needn’t say you’re oboudd, you’re logged in!)


in the end i decided that i didnt like the idea of a giant in the CD army after all, i voted no:mask


The no’s overwelm me and I decided it now makes no sense that the giant has to cross the Empire and the world edge mountain’s(wich for some resion is not the end of the old world),then cross are dangerouce domain just to get paid,and there’s no way we would go to tilane.


Giants are all over the warhammer world so location is not a big thing.


It says in xander’s rule book that one one of the gates of zarr nagarund ( i think that’s what its called), they use two of the largest giants ever in the old world to open them. Surely if they can capture and utilize such immense creatures they can slave the smaller giants? I voted yes because i think a slave giant would fit into the fluff, maybe to carry large pieces of machinery or to load really really big guns like the hammer of ulric in middenheim.


I think they should be a dogs of war choise if they are not already, every other race (expt brettonia, and h&w elves) can choose them

the background suggests it too- seeing as the ogre kingdoms have relations with the chaos dwarves (Ogres have lots of slave giants)


Lizardmen cannot take giants either…goddamit


my bad - that would be cool if they could though, having some huge lizard on two legs

Ghrask Dragh:

I would like to see a slavegiant in there. Yes there are better choices, the kollosus being one of them, but it wouldn’t hurt to have options like that in there and it’s not too out of place to be ridiculous. Granted their not as tuff, they don’t have any tusks and their beards aren’t as long as a dwarfs but they wouldn’t be that bad to have on our side in a fight surely?


i think no, why risk such a valuable and rare creature dying or escaping when it’s better at labour and such stuf


I can easily imagine the Chaos Dwarfs taking a giant to war. The only problem I have with it, is whether they would actually use it to fight with or not.

It would be spectacularly useful for hauling heavy machinery, lifting equipment over obstacles, hauling or carrying cages of slaves and generally doing other types of manual labour. It would be so useful for this in fact that I doubt whether Chaos Dwarfs would actually risk sending them into combat.

I suppose that to justify having a giant in the army list it could be said that if there were already giants doing the above manual labour in CD armies (not necessarily as slave giants but perhaps just paid labour. Why not?) that word would spread and other Giants would decide that working for CD can’t be much worse than Chaos, Orcs or Ogres.

They may be wrong of course, but then they aren’t overly bright anyhow.

There is also the fact that if there were giants in the main list that would provide all kinds of great conversion opportunities imagines Chaos Defiler/Giant hybrid


i think no, why risk such a valuable and rare creature dying or escaping when it's better at labour and such stuf

Well then there just gonna have to give them grimal armor.