[Archive] Slave Ogres for Chaos Dwarf armies? Forge World Ogryns



Slave Ogres for Chaos Dwarf armies? :0

What do you think?

Uzkul Werit:

They’d make a good base for a Slave Ogre but those hoods don’t look right.

Hashut’s Blessing:

I wouldn’t use them (apart from obvious cost issues) because they seem just strange. Not sure hoe to explain it, but nothing like how I imagine enslaved ogres to be.


Whilst they are very nice models, IMO they look a little too 40k.

some of the ideas could easily be taken over to slave ogres though.


I HATE forgeworld… Soooooo good it makes me sick. If only my wallet was as big as my eyes.

These will certainly find a way into my CD’s army!!


to much vials and other 40k stuff on them, and to expensive.


I would take Ogryn but they just look a little to advanced for



Ahaha. Dammit Xander! I thought I was the only one to think of that! :smiley:

I purchased the one lurching forward with the hammer last week, and anxiously await it in the mail. It brought to mind the exerpt from Grudgebearer, about the Slave-Ogres hammering the ingots into the ground to chain the warmachines.

I see only a minimum need for conversion work really, as the model strikes me as how the Dawi Zharr would break an Ogre; by taking his cultural identity away from him.

His precious bellyplate shattered before his eyes, his jaw shattered, his face obscured. For a creature who has a mind like a child, such damage would make him as complacent as any beast of burden.


Those are absolutely fantastic models, some of the best Forgeworld have produced IMO.

They don’t look very suited for warhammer I think, but they’re too tempting not to have!


What makes them look advanced? The hoses? The bottles? Don’t use them. Even the one with a Jack Hammer for an arm has a gear sticking out of his elbow.


I love 'em. If they weren’t so expensive some would be quickly added to my Steampunk lot. Damn lack of money:~

Thanks for sharing these Xander and I don’t think they look too advanced, Chaos Dwarfs could easily enhance them with that technology.




hehehehe to me they almost look like they were made to be slave ogres!:slight_smile:

they do look a bit 40k but all that realy need to be done is leave out the vials-things on their back and replace the tubes with chains


I’ll be removing the tanks on the back myself, sculpting scar tissue(from lash marks) in their place.

I like the tubes/hoses though. I can see this pathetic huge creature reduced to sucking down liquids by the torture of the Dawi Zharr.


Actually, Danek just gave me an idea. He’s right about how you break an Ogre- I think I’ll need to convert some to have plate-less, lacerated bellies; and hooded heads.

The Slaver:

cool models, i think they may have a future in my army… anyone know the rules about giant DoW in CD armies?? Now that could get a little crazy converting!

Traitor King:

methinkss that xanders kollosus would work as a DoW giant in a chaod dwarf army. The rules might not fit that well but it would be a simple way of using a great model.

On orgyns on the other hand look a little to futuristic. Sure, you could convert them but personly i wouldnt want to convert a forge world miniture (wouldnt want to much up detail/ it would be hard to sculp well enough for it to match up).


Meh, I really don’t like the hoods. It makes them all look like they’re on their way to go clubbin’ at some “alternative” dance clubs. I don’t think that Hashut would approve.

Kera foehunter:

look what i dug up !!!

this would be some cool cd ogres


I don´t like this minis!

IMO the hoods look silly altogether to much future like. No real fantasy stuff!

The old GW Ogres were much cooler! :cheers

Also the Ogres from Foundry are much better looking …

… perhaps they are a bit too humorous! :wink:


Kera foehunter:

those are cool and Humorous thats why i get them !!!