[Archive] Slave Ogres for Chaos Dwarf armies? Forge World Ogryns


What the hell is up with all the unregistred accounts/ SPAM???

Kera foehunter:

No it not spam !!! that way back in the beginning when the site was new !!!

before the great staff we have now !!!

so it kinda like the lost years


Very expensive and looking like the sculpter has been playing far too much bioshock :wink:

Hashut’s Blessing:

I still stand by what I said before: I agree that they’re cool, but they don;t fit for my army. Has anybody tried to convert them into slave-ogres yet?

THT, Kera: it’s neither. It’s from when the website was down for some time (I think we changed servers or something) and a lot of more recent accounts (at the time) were deleted by accident. The posts, obviously, stayed.


  • If removing what looks too 40k-ish, they might fit right in with a CD army - I though of the idea meself, but as many has already said they are very expensive.

    - And I’m still, trying to get money enough for an Renegade “Silent Hill” Themed army so.

    - But anyway, if you get it to work - please post some pictures, it might be just what it takes to convince me to use them as Chaos Ogres (from The Ogre Kingdom)


They would work well in a steampunk-themed CD army, but not in just any CD army.


Yo I’d say these guys are perfect for a (Steampunk?)CD army :smiley: but don’t they cost allot?


they look too much 40k. to much machines and stuff. maybe if they are a litle bit “fixed” but i would rather convert regular ogre bulls