[Archive] Slave shield


I had an interesting idea today for something that would really bring the slave element into our list, and its very simple.

Basically every unit champion can be equipped/ upgraded to have a Slave shield (WIP name).  I have yet to decide exactly what this will confer; either +1 wound, or +1 Armour save against the first wound suffered.

The idea is that the champion would push the slave infront of him so he takes the brunt of the attack.

For a points cost I was thinking:


+1 wound = 10pts

+1 AS against first wound = 5pts.


+1 wound = 12pts

+1 AS against first wound = 6pts.


I have a fast moving unit in rare, but I wouldn’t give them this option.

Which would be better, +1W or +1AS (only against first wound)?  Or something else?

It would be open as to how to model this; something imaginative on the champions base itself, or a slave modelled on a seperate base you have behind the unit (to remind you).  The caged goblin from the miners set would be perfect.

Ancient History:

What about somebody to use the “Look Out Sir!” rule without sacrificing a fighting model?


That would be suitably evil, but not useful to most of the units. That version would be better as a single magic item.


Interesting idea you have here.

I would more see this as an upgrade for characters. (heroes, Lords etc…) I can see a model in front of me already! A mighty hero escorted, or rather shielded, by some slaves! Wicked! :cheers:


you might even make it so that lords can have to “slave shields”, to show that they have a higher rank


I’ve actually been thinking of a way to do this too.

I was thinking of having slaves treated as weak swarm type bases, that are chosen as a unit upgrade and placed in front of the front rank of the unit.

- they would either have a stat line of their own, and fight like normal in combat

- or they could simply negate enemy bonuses for charging, as the slaves take the brunt of the force.

Whatever the conclusion is, the result has to be as simple as possible.

Having to track down who has been in combat yet and who hasn’t may potentially cause some confusion, but the extra wound may go well.