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Traitor King:

Ive recently made a unit filler for one of my warrior units.

This was made from the BFSP troll, with the big dwarf rock chopped off and replaced with a spare hell-cannon wheel (so hes holding aloft a CD-y cog/wheel). I also added on a few hellcannon chains to show its a slave troll. (pictures soon…hopefully)

The next problem is that im now unsure on how to paint it. My army is mainly a red and brass sceme. Im unsure how I should do the skin.

By only thoughts are Deep Red or a black/dark grey highlights kind of thing.

What do you people thing?


I would paint him in very pale grey or green tones, almost albino.

The reason being that it would make him look like he’d been kept underground away from sunlight and was becoming increasingly pallid and sickly (Chaos Dwarfs are many things, but creators of a world class health system isn’t one of them).


quick question about unit fillers … haven’t played warhammer in years so i’m not up to date on rules and stuff.

are unit fillers legit in tourneys i.e. are they allowed?

Traitor King:

I dont play tournies, so not much of a problem.

Wallacer: I love that idea. it would be a good contrast from the rest of the unit.

Ghrask Dragh:

Very cool idea using the paler tones, I would definetly go with something along those lines no matter what colour you choose.

I think would go for grey/green 80/20 ratio. I have recently been using Dheneb Stone from the foundation range as a mixing highlight instead of white, it gives the colour alot more of a duller highlight, perfect for chaos dwarfs.


quick question about unit fillers … haven’t played warhammer in years so i’m not up to date on rules and stuff.
Not sure sorry mate, they are quite strict though so probably not.


Unit fillers are totally tournie permitted (this is going by the English and Irish GT), of course you should go too overboard with it.

Good unit fillers can win people best army as it gives them an opportunity to create a miniature diorama.

Traitor King:

Well, mines just an excuse to use up the spare troll and also an excuse not to have to make 4 more dorfs.


I’ve never played in a tournament where units fillers were a problem.

For the pale tones I would go with a shadow grey base-coat, mixing in increasing amounts of ghostly grey (or whatever it is called by GW now) for the highlighting.

After that give it some very watered down washes of liche purple and whatever green you prefer to make him look even more diseased and unhealthy.


You’re seriously going to post up pictures TK? at last, i’ve been on at you about it for long enough :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously though for the troll, i’d make the belly very pale (Bonewhite or wolf grey, highlighted with white), with lots of cuts and stuff to add a bit of colour (gory red mixed with scorched earth basecoat, highlight with gory red, making the blood wet looking with gloss varnish should do the trick), for the rest of the troll, try mixing black and shadow grey for a basecoat, adding more wolf grey for the highlights, see how that goes :hat off


The first place I saw unit fillers were at tournaments

Traitor King:

You're seriously going to post up pictures TK?
Heh, look whos talking... :P

I actully like your idea Draco, with the dark grey skin and white belly.
I guess ill just paint it and see how it goes (after some repears. A couple fo bits of cahin fell off.).


Having worked the Chicago GT the question came up… the official response from GW was as long as the unit was more than 50% actual miniatures it was ok. So out of a squad of 15 if you’ve got a troll sized filler should be fine, even 10 wouldnt be a problem

Traitor King:

Its going to be a squad of 20, the troll taking up 4. (well ive only got 19 for the unit, but with hero no foot its 20 ;))

Kera foehunter:

i would try elf flesk and a milky white-grey high light and around the places of the chains scab and open soars. red gore and hight blood red and a lot of whip marks on the back to look pinkish whiteskin and sun burn face and shoulders and a chaos brand on his leg .:o