[Archive] Slaves' supply


Since almost the whole world we have lost all the slaves that we had, I have decided to create this thread in order that each for you, at least, a slaves removes.

The Chaos Dwarfs cannot continue with his diabolical plans of conquest without the work of the slaves. :hat off


I understand the reason behind this, people get slaves for voting in polls, but normally there would be better things for polls than voting simply to get slaves…  For instance you could prod me to give you slaves for excellant posts etc.

The staff have an infinite supply, so I for one should really hand out more for things.


Well yes, of course, alone I have created this thread for those that have remained with 0 in the slaves’ scoreboard, nothing more.

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Sad part is that he posted it in the “Off Topic” section, so even if we posted something as lenghty as the Warhammer Rule Book in it’s entirety, we wouldn’t get a single slave for it.


I never understod where my slaves are from, I allways thought it was because they are gifts from members because I’m such a nice guy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

so they are from polls… hmm…