[Archive] Slaves


I was going through the Chaos Dwarf Online wiki and I came across a gallery of models by Bjorni. I found some of his ideas to be quite intresting especially his usage of Gnoblar slaves.

I thought a good conversion might involve a unit of 25 Gnoblar slaves with 5 hobgoblins towering over them with whips. I dont intent to use actually Gnoblers in my army as a rare slot, instead id just use them as hobgoblins…


Interesting idea, btw, does that goblin on the left have a tail? :o


You could also give your ‘Hobgnoblars’ Hobgoblin-esque hats with Greenstuff. It’s not that hard.

Here’s a (really crappy) pic of a testmodel for the Hobgnoblars in my Ogre army:


Ross, I like how you combined the skaven with the goblin heads, its quick and it looks really great! The hobgnoblars are cool too, maybe they could be young hobgoblins?

Thanks for the ideas. I have yet to get to the hobgoblins portion of my army, but this thread will provide lots of inspiration when I finally do.



Using the plaguemonks is a good idea but I think you’d be better off removing those tails.