[Archive] SLAVES?

Kera foehunter:

nice avatar krug 666

Ghrask Dragh:

Also, if your interested, you can look at the forum statistics at the bottom of the main forum page and see the biggest donators and richest members of the CDO community. As it stands at this moment…

The biggest donators are;

Xander: 1990 Slaves

wallacer: 1328 Slaves

Willmark: 642 Slaves

Kera foehunter: 241 Slaves

grishnakh99: 183 Slaves

ashur: 97 Slaves

Grimstonefire: 85 Slaves

Ghrask Dragh: 66 Slaves

Sharkboy: 43 Slaves

rabotak: 40 Slaves

Canix: 38 Slaves

clam: 34 Slaves

Sojourn: 33 Slaves

GRNDL: 29 Slaves

BLOOD AXE: 28 Slaves

and the richest are;

Pyro Stick: 308 Slaves

Thommy H: 241 Slaves

AGPO: 233 Slaves

clam: 226 Slaves

Hashut’s Blessing: 211 Slaves

Ghrask Dragh: 210 Slaves

Ishkur Cinderhat: 194 Slaves

al-hashut: 190 Slaves

Auretious Taak: 165 Slaves

Vexxus: 164 Slaves

Knight Of Awsome: 163 Slaves

Obsidian: 159 Slaves

furrie: 158 Slaves

Hammerhand: 156 Slaves

Sojourn: 150 Slaves

GRNDL: 145 Slaves

Baggronor: 142 Slaves

Revlid: 132 Slaves

WarplockMonkey: 126 Slaves

Lord Archaon: 124 Slaves

… I think the bottom line is though, they are a bit of fun for us :smiley:



Thanks Kera

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Godbob and his jolly rogers:

I like it as it give the site personalitly

(Now quickly someone give Krug another slave so he really gets worked up:P)