[Archive] Slaving warmachine?


Just had an interesting idea I thought I’d get advice on.

I was thinking about how characterful the new Corpse Cart is for the Vampire counts, and how cool it would be if we could have a warmachine a little like this.

It would be on a chariot base (or 40mm, if needed).  It would be pulled/ pushed by slaves, and would have at least one slaver operating it.  Another idea is for it to have hobgoblin crew.

Ideally it would be a core choice (as in my list I already have 6 specials, but a 7th one wouldn’t be impossible).

Beyond that I’m stuck for rules ideas?

Hashut’s Blessing:

Well, according to (I believe) Uzkul Werit on the podcast, there is one for Mordheim and he suggested using the corpse cart for it. Maybe something like, each model they kill, they gain one wound or something and it’s otherwise like a chariot?


What do you think of this as a core choice:

SLAVER WAGON … Points/ model: 60

.                                        M    WS BS  S  T  W  I  A  Ld
Slaver Wagon            -   -   -  5 4 4 - - -
Mechanical Beast  4   4    2   3  4  3  0  2  9
Slaver                      3    4    3 3  4  1  2  1  9  
Number of Crew:  3 Chaos Dwarf crew.

Base Size:  The Slaver Wagon is mounted on a chariot base, and is treated as such only for the allocation of wounds.

Armour Save:  Slaver Wagon has a 5+ Armour Save.

Equipment:  The Slaver crew wear heavy armour and are armed with hand weapons and Man Catchers (confers the killing blow ability).

Mechanical Beast:

- The Slaver Wagon is drawn by a mechanical beast, which may choose a single upgrade from the Battlerager listings in the Automaton Upgrades list.

Special Rules:  Stubborn

Hope is lost!

The Slaver crew manning their fearsome wagons take great pleasure in adding grisly trophies of battle.  Such trophies will often cause enemies to flee in panic, lest they join their kin.

Keep track of the number of enemies killed by the Mechanical Beast or crew.  For every ten kills +1 will be added to the results of any panic tests enemies take whilst attacking it.

and for the sake of completeness:

Automaton upgrades:

Tenderiser  +1AS  +1S  20pts

Mechanical Monstrosity  +1A  10pts

Reinforced Armour  +1AS  10pts

Iron Bull  +1M  10pts

Horns of Brass  D3 impact hits on the charge.  20pts

Another idea is simply to make it cause fear?  It needs something in the rules to show its not just another chariot, to pick up the slaver theme.

Another idea is to have hobgoblins crewing it, and to have slaves pushing/ pulling it?

Or have the crew mounted ontop of the ‘mount’, meaning it goes onto a 40mm base?