[Archive] slayer doomseekers.. any ideas?


hey guys,

thought i would see if you could come up with any ideas for what i could convert the slayer doomseeker models to, to use in my chaos dwarf army. i have no ideas so all would be welcome

peace out

Kera foehunter:

well since he has all those chains i use him as a champion you can put reguler axes in his hands or just let the chains be his weapons




I was considering using them as sorcerers. remove the axes, and have the chains attached to staves.


lol… i realy like the idea of having him swinging slaves around on chains, i actually hav 6 of them so if anyone has any ideas of what to do for a unit type thing then that would be appreciated.


Oh, unit type? hmm, could always be unit filler for greenskin slaves.��Put them on 25mm bases and make them the back rank of an orc unit.��I think it would look pretty smart.��Remove the axe heads and extend the chain a bit, have them whipping the orcs on with the chain. YA MULE!


that sounds cool… just out of curiosity what is the deal with this unit filler lark? i have never realy heard them talked about on any other forums than this one. they are just there to represent some extra models in the unit aren;t they?


Its probably because almost every model in a CD army takes ages to convert… So filling a few gaps with unit fillers saves a lot of time and effort!

They can also represent call little additions to an army; dead bodies on ground/ icons to Hashut/ slave ogres etc.

Kera foehunter:

i think it would be hard to rank all together. slave driver maybe two in the back of your slaves


I have converted some (2) into slavers and use them as C.A. orc bullies in my darklands themed orc & goblin army. I leave one chain (minus axe blade) as a whip and put an axe in the other. Aside from a little detailing thats it