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/Sorry if I put this topic in wrong place./

This is my first conwersion.

I buy Slayers Command group and “rach-ciach” (conwert them :slight_smile: )

Musician painting isn’t finished yet but I can’t wait to see yours opinion and comments for this conwersion.

What do u think ? U like it? Or… whats wrong I do etc…

(and for wich regiment they may be… Berserkers… Immortals… or…?? )


If they are for a CD army I would use them as berserkers and make up your own rules. Or you could do a ‘counts as’ dwarf army and use them as slayers!

I think they would look good with snow bases. The white on the hair looks frosty.

If they are skaven slayers, you should head over to the Slayer Brotherhood. I happen to be the Clan leader of the Skaven Slayer clan.

The conversions are… interesting. What’s going on with the daemon slayers hair??


This “slayers” are for CD army wich I start.

“interesting” ? :slight_smile: this mean… junk? :wink:

I cut little hair a put there a horn… little mutation… like musician legs.

For me is good… for the first time.

Thx for comment :slight_smile:


ok. what I must do with them = looks like CD ?


I like the champion (with the chaos warrior arm), but I think the unicorn horn might be a bit big for my tastes. Lore-wise you could think of the “slayers” representing berzerkers - I think that they don’t have enough armour to be immortals - but in terms of the army list they will be playing just as CD warriors anyway right now.

As far as making them look “more like Chaos Dwarfs,” I don’t think you have to worry about converting them too much more. Slayer models are already fairly barbaric, and that could work for CDs in my opinion. Plus, if I were to see a regiment of spiky slayers with white hair and purple boots across the table from me, my first thought would be Chaos Dwarfs! I suggest keeping the colour scheme as it is and just doing small conversions on the rest of the unit like you have so far.

Kera foehunter:

I like your idea on the cd slayers add teeth and new hairdo and metal arm. A metal leg maybe replace a arm with a weapon

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