[Archive] Slev's Skaven


OK, pictures of my Skaven since some people asked a while back. Please be keep in mind that my photography sucks.

Part 1 - Clan Morrs:

Battle Standard:


Warlord Queek Head-Taker:

Clanrats (40 of them!):


Temple of the Horned Rat

Vermin Lord:

Screaming Bell (old school):

Grey Seer Thanquole:

Clan Pestilens

Plague Monks:

Plague Censer Bearers:

Lord Skrolk:

Clan Skryre

Warlock Ikit Claw:

Poisoned Wind Globadiers:

Warpfire Throwers:

Warplock Jezzails:

Warlock Engineer (old school):


Clan Eshin:


Deathmaster Snitch:

Night Runners:

Tunnelling Markers:

Clan Moulder:

Giant Rats:

Rat Ogres:


OMG !!! :o that�?Ts alot of skaven, great work slev that�?Ts one impressive army how many point is it all in total ??


Wow, thats what I call an army! Great to see so many old models among them!


Thx guys.
Loki: Once I’ve painted up the rest of my Clan Pestilens, it should come in at around 3000-3500pts.


Slev my skaven brother! your army is impressiv huge!

my favourite unit from your army is ratOgres and plague monks ofcourse! How long did you paint it? :>


Thx dude.

I’ve been working on it on-and-off for years. I painted the bulk of it when I was unemployed a few years ago, and had no money to spend., but lots of figures & paint.

My main Clanrat unit was damaged moving house a couple of years ago though, so in the end I painted it twice!

Kera foehunter:

Thats a lot of rats

love the Rat ogre great paint job love your color choices


Thx Kera. The RO paint scheme is slow as anything, but looks so good.

Kera foehunter:

What is the color you used on the rat ogre flesh?


Dark Flesh then Tanned flesh, then dwarf flesh, then bronzed flesh, then elf flesh, then wash with Flesh Wash, then a mix of brown ink and flesh wash.

Boils are tanned flesh then red gore, then blood red, then fiery orange, then blood-moon yellow, then sunburst yellow, then a tiny drop of bilious green.

Each layer leaves a little of the layer below around the lower edges.

Kera foehunter:

cool thanks a lot Slev


3500 :o thats one big skaven army, bet you cant wait for the new army book :slight_smile:


Kera: np.

Loki: Indeed I can’t :smiley:


Awsome skavens mate i love them :smiley:



All going to plan, I have a week off soon, and I can use that time to finish my Plague Monks and modern screaming Bell and Warlock. Then I can start putting together my DoW (Chaos) Dwarf Mercenaries.


I am liking the colours, especiall the clan skyre i havent seen that before. I can appreciate how much fun it is to paint skaven as i painted quite a few for my brothers advanced hero quest badguy collection last year.

If i could give one small peice of advice, it would be to water down the inks a bit more and do successive layers, as this will stop it having that shiny look to it. I think a good example is on the rat ogre’s, where the skin looks great but the hair next to it looks almost laquered. Have you noticed that painting flesh ink straight onto dwarf or tallern flesh gives a great fake tan look :slight_smile:

Another way i think works is to do the base colour, then wash the recesses, and then do the building up highlights after that. Do you have a full army shot on a battlefield?


Thx. The idea was to give each clan a different colour of robe. I also varied the metals on two clans (Skryre and Moulder) to separate them a little more. By keeping all the other colours the same, it keys the army together, so it doesn’t look too random, but does allow an emphasis on the different clans.

I actually do water the inks down. The shine is due to my poor photography, they’re not that shiny in real life :wink:

I also use the painting-over-wash method with my champions, characters & big models.

I don’t have a battlefield shot right now, it’s something I need to do. I took those photos because I’d been asked for them here and elsewhere. I don’t have enough terrain for my new table yet.


poor photography is the bane of the miniature painter! I have a good camera as well its just ran out of batteries so i use my phone instead.

Also i apolagise, i never actually considered that doing full highlighting on a massive horde of skaven might just be too much! I can completely accept that anyone would only do it on the centerpieces.


I’m getting much better at photographing figures, but I’ve still a ways to go.

No need to apologise.

Every figure has a basic highlight, then a wash for blending & shading.

Fur drybrushing is actually two coats built up, minimum.

Apparently a horde army painted to this detail level and size is disconcerting to play against :smiley:


i can imagine. im used to my brothers night goblin army, which you can imagine is half just undercoated and the other half painted to the bare minimum. Thankfully we use a house rule stating if a model is undercoated but not painted it counts as having no armour, and if it is not painted at all it counts as having no armour or weapons. I think this idea first came about in battle fleet gothic?

I have a feeling that when your up against a horde army painted as well as yours you know your opponent really takes his warhammer seriously :stuck_out_tongue: lol