[Archive] Small Chaos Dwarves (10mm)

Father Grumpmas:

Oh dear - you paint 10mm figures better than I do 28mm ones :sick

I’m off to have a small weep in the corner.


Here is my Death Rocket.

Model made by a friend who is probably the best 10mm sculptor in the world :wink:


Now, that is beautiful! Makes me wanting to start Warmaster! Can you also post some photos (or a link to the photos) of your 10mm Wood Elves?


Fantastic :slight_smile:

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@Skink, I do not want to sully this great forum with pictures of wood elves :wink:

So here is the link to my photobucket account http://s51.photobucket.com/albums/f364/mickmarriott/warmaster/

The links to individual armies are on the left hand side of the page.


that is so cool

the sculpting is awesome,much better then my

i would like to see some wip pics is that possible?


Like em A LOT!!! I also gave a look at your rulebook, and I felt in love with the Ogre Kingdom minis! Who’s the sculptor?


DaveC or DAX over on warseer is the sculptor.

Dave is planning on releasing the Ogre Kingdoms Warmaster range if he gets enough interest.

I have played warmaster for the past 3 years and painted almost every army.

Dave makes THE BEST sculpts for the unofficial armies I have ever seen.

To be honest most of his sculpts make GW’s official ones look very amateurish.

He has also been known to take on a 10mm challenge (like a death rocket).

When the new trial armies book is released (soon now) you will see more of his work.

You can also see some of his work over on the SG forums.

As you may be able to tell I am a MASSIVE fan.


The models I had been waiting on arrived the other day.

RL is impacting hard at the moment so I am struggling to finish these off :frowning:

Anyway here are a few of my heroes including my Lammasu.

Just a unit of warriors to go and this phase fo the project is done.

I ran out of sorcerors so I will do another Lammasu with the correct model when I order my next batch and probably sell the one pictured here.

All models are based on or are solely made by Eureka miniatures.

The exception being the head of the lammasu which was kindly made by DaveC.


Finally my warriors


Needless to say that I like em. Also the paint job is effective. The Lammasu itself is cute. However, The Warriors look like… “scattered” on the bases. I mean, if you compare em to (for instance) Skeletons they look very big, and charging like a mob. Can you shot a photo with a GW Warmaster infantry unit beside your Chaos Dwarf Warriors?


Wow, they look tremendous. I’m really tempted to buy some of these guys.


Me too ! I love them !

I also like the mob-like look very much. It gives something different than the usual warmaster armies (not that I dislike them) and it also creates the possibility to do something with the bases (like the lava flows you did ! ) as tight and ranked units don’t leave much space.


When the new trial armies book is released (soon now) you will see more of his work.

Is it released?
If Yes: where can I get it?


I think you’re out of luck Krokovski.

It’s been more than 2 years since there has been any activity on this thread, and the author themselves hasn’t logged on to the site in about a year.  I think these are for this person’s own personal collection as there’s no mention that these were cast.  I think it’s a safe bet that you won’t find these anywhere, nor will there be much in the way of new developments on this thread.