[Archive] SMALLER games in 8th edition possible?


I haven’t managed to get the 8th edition book yet, but everything I’ve been reading - both here and in other places - seems to indicate that ‘bigger is better’… well, ‘Bigger is necessary’, I guess.

Is there any section in the new book which talks about smaller scale games - like the old ‘Path to Glory’ and ‘Warhammer Skirmish’ rules?


The big selling point of the new rules has been that they are cleaner and allow games to be played faster, allowing for bigger games.

There is a section in the MRB on non-standard games, but I’ve not looked at it yet.

Skirmish was just the rules for Mordheim anyway. PtG and Boarder Patrol should be broadly usable with a few minor tweaks.


I don’t see why the rules wouldn’t work for smaller games. The only problem I can see really is that units can take more casualties more quickly, so small games could be really short.

Seems to me if wanted to play Path to Glory using 8th ed rules you’d just have to think about whether any of the new rules would break the game, and if so, just not use them. Smaller games like that need to be played by ear anyway in my experience.