[Archive] Smoke Mortar (Special warmachine)


Yet another rules thread, I’m on a roll at the moment.

SMOKE MORTAR … Points/ Model:  75

3 CD Crew

Firing the Smoke Mortar

Range:   12�?� �?" 48�?�

To fire the Smoke Mortar line up the warmachine to the intended target.  Note that you require Line of Sight.  Guess a range and place the large 5�?� template over this spot.  

Roll the Scatter dice, if the result is a HIT the smoke shell lands exactly in the spot aimed for.  If the Scatter dice rolls an arrow, the smoke shell will veer off in that direction.

Next roll the Artillery dice, if a number is shown move the template that distance in the direction shown by the Scatter dice.  If a MISFIRE is rolled, consult the Misfire Chart below


Any model directly under the hole of the large template will take a S4 hit. Any model under the remainder of the template will take a Strength 2 Armour Piercing hit.


The smoke shells designed by the Arcane Engineers produce a thick acrid cloud upon impact that will blind and confuse those nearby.

The area the large template covers is filled with smoke until the next shooting phase of the owning player, at which point the smoke will have dissipated.  Nobody can shoot, charge, or cast spells that require line of sight to targets through or at least half within this target area.  

Units that are at least half under the area covered by smoke will have -1 to hit modifiers against them in close combat and shooting.  Being used to the acrid smoke of their harsh industrial environment, the Chaos Dwarfs are not affected by this.

Misfire table

1  BOOM!  The smoke shells detonates inside the Mortar.  The war machine is destroyed and the crew gassed to death.

2-4  Fizz.  The Mortar fails to fire, but may fire as normal next turn

5  Stupid slaves.   A shell explodes near to where they are being loaded, and the machine will not fire this turn.  Place the large template over one Chaos Dwarf crew member and treat as if they had hit that spot.

6  Major misfire!  The Smoke Mortar will fire 2D6" in the direction shown by the roll of a scatter dice.