[Archive] Smurfs Dawi Zharr, on a budget


I wanted to create an army of CD without spending too much at the start up of my army. I already have a dawi army, one of the units i never took the time to paint are the ironbreakers. They are pretty much useless in a dawi list. Because they look kinda evil, due to the lack of faces and because they, like the dawi zharr, are heavily armored.

I want to use lots of orange and red in my painting scheme, to give them a fiery look. Secondary colors will be blue/grey and skull white for the faces.

Here are my first painted models for my CD army

Other ideas im having are using this:
as a model for the iron deamon. I have some cannons to spare in my dwarf army… I kinda horded them… the count is at 12 right now. So, I will be using some spare to paste on some warmachines. Addng some green stuff and modelling with spare parts should give me a cool iron deamon with magma cannon an a carriage.

and this guy:
will be my K’daai destroyer

Fuggit Khan:

I also tried using a Stephensons Rocket model kit for an Iron Daemon. The old Airfix kit is a bit small in my opinion, and the Mini-Craft model is way too big. But that’s just my opinion, and both kits are great for kit bashing and conversions…and for those on a budget they are MUCH cheaper than the ForgeWorld model. I’d like to see what you come up with…also Mini-Craft makes a nice selection of other old 1800’s era steam locomotive plastic model kits which are suitable for Iron Daemon conversions.


If the scale is about right, then that would make a killer Iron Daemon:)


it says on amazon it’s 17 by 6 cm.

Just ordered it, should be in in 2 weeks or so.

But if the measurements are right. Then I guess 6 x 6 is the carriage and 10 x 6 is the rocket (by looking at the picture).