[Archive] sneak peek blunderbusses


this is my top secret blunderbuss unit, the first picture i have took of them. unfortunately they are no at the undercoat stage so you cant see a great deal. note the mannequin dummy thing banner idea i stole from snotling.

in order its champion, standard bearer, musician then just another blunderbussier with a very Persian style big hat. i have a unit of 15 ready to be painted. any comments greatly appreciated.

Hashut’s Blessing:

A very top secret picture of them :wink: From what can be seen, the shapes look quite good. I like the hat design of the unit champion in particular. As for anything else, I can’t really say that I can see enough to comment further. In English: paint soon :smiley:

Knight Of Awsome:

you black undercoat wont stop me from lighting up the pic:D

wow i love the faces, but the hats could have used work…some of them look dull but no of the less there smooth.

the beards are nicely sculpted… i cant wait to see them painted

heres the enlightned!!


They look great from what I can see in the pic. Hard to tell details when primered black though. I can’t wait to see them painted.


Kera foehunter:

i like them cool tall hats

Ishkur Cinderhat:

I like the hats! Not sure about the beards, these are quite hard to see. Look forward to more!


Definitely need better pics o give pointers on. However with that being said it looks like you are on target for a tall hat feel. from what i can make out the beards and faces look good too.