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Total gits. Made a whole bunch of these ages ago, never got around to showing em. Plague Monks with their knives reversed, tails cut off and Gnoblar heads with GS hood and nose. Could even leave the Gnoblar nose unchanged. The hunched backs fit nicely :slight_smile:


Sweet, I like it! Dont know about the feet thou…


Could you place them next to another mini? Just for size comparison, he looks a little small.

I like him, not convinced yet by the feet but the head is ace. Really sneacky :slight_smile:


did you cut up the weapons to reverse them? if so, do you have a step by step?

Godbob and his jolly rogers:

Thank you so much!!!

I’ve had problems trying to think how I should do my hobbo’s now I had 2 choices use BfSP or skaven smelly monks :stuck_out_tongue: and I wanted to use both but if I was to make both they would look silly with the same unit made differently so thank you Baggronor for showing me how to make a hobbo unit using smelly monks :cheers


Dont know about the feet thou...
Yeah the feet are the only slightly suspect bit, but I can't be arsed to swap all of their feet with something else. By the time you have flocked the base and painted it all, I really don't think it'll be noticeable.
Could you place them next to another mini? Just for size comparison, he looks a little small.
He is Plague Monk sized lol :) About the same size as a dwarf, but skinnier. He is about right for a Hobgob.
did you cut up the weapons to reverse them? if so, do you have a step by step?
I just cut the blade off at the top of his fist, cut the butt off the bottom of his fist and swapped them around. Simple, just clean up the surfaces with a file a bit before gluing :cheers Glue on its own is fine, as they are plastic.

Kera foehunter:

LOOK GREAT !!! nice green stuff work !!


you could use goblin wolf rider feet like xander does in his hobgoblin tutorial

Kera foehunter:

great digging squiq !! we need to see if anymore is done to this


Heh, great idea. Simple and to the point, I love it.


I’ve always wanted to try this. Great work on the head. I think it works quite well. :slight_smile:


omg this is a while ago :slight_smile: I thought the feet looked ok really, once they are painted green and have flock around them I reckon they’d be fine.

I made 4 or 5 but I never really use the RH list anymore and can’t find a use for them in the Dwarfs list so they didn’t see completion in the end. Might use them as Marauders for WoC or something I suppose, but not for the moment. In fact, I’ve hardly played recently (too much drawing :)).

Da Crusha:

wow thats cool baggroner! I was gonna do that exact same thing but I havent gotten around to it, I was also going back and forth on the idea because all of my hobgobbos are “hardly converted” gnoblars and the plague monks are a little big for my army. I was also concerned with how they would look next to my other sneaky gits. but I think yours came out really good.


Haven’t seen this guy before (for some strange reason) - but it really rocks.

- and being one of those guys who’s builds hobgoblin warriors out of plague monks - I think I found a way to do sneaky gits as well :wink:



Is a “simple” conversion and the result is very good!!

Kera foehunter:

Baggoronor is there any more been made ??


Nice. Very nice. I may have to try this sometime this fall!

Plus the very simple GS work makes for a very easy conversion.

I say “sticky”!!!


Really nice model! Gonna try and convert when I get time. :slight_smile: